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  1. My favorite truck is Mercedes' new Actros. I really like its simplicity, design and interior. Also, the engine power is not bad.
  2. The new update is great. The game becomes more realistic. Thanks to the entire TruckersMP team for continuing their update support.
  3. Graphics are great. The game has officially jumped to another era.
  4. If you are going to transport heavy loads, you can choose Scania or Volvo. It is perfect for heavy loads thanks to its high engine power. Other than that, the Mercedes Actros is also beautiful. By using all the trucks yourself, you can find out which one is right for you. This is just an idea.
  5. Scania and Volvo have high engine power, so I prefer them when there is heavy load. Also, their designs are beautiful. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't drive other trucks, I drive all trucks with pleasure.
  6. Suggestion Name: Turkish Language for Support System Suggestion Description: You know that there are too many Turkish players in the game. There is a Turkish language all over the website, but not in the Support System. Turkish language should be added to the support system. I'm not saying this because I'm Turkish, but there are really a lot of Turkish players. And Turkish language should be added to the support language. Why should it be added?: Since Turkish players are so many and there are Turkish languages all over the website, they should be added to the Support S
  7. Hi everybody I wonder how many garages other players have. I have 187 garages. So how many garages do you have?
  8. Suggestion name: Selecting Business Routes Suggestion Description: This is a game and we must be free. For this, we must choose the ways of work ourselves. For example: I want to take a load from Calais to Duisburg but there is no load to take. In this case, let's take a route to the city where we want by drawing a route for our transportation companies.
  9. Currently, such a feature is not possible. He is interested in the new version of TMP Ets 2. You can add this question to the suggestions section. Best regards
  10. Öneri Adı: Exhaust fumes Suggestion Description; Since this is a need game, it must be realistic. The game must have exhaust fumes. Necessary, For example, the truck has difficulty driving uphill. As it gets harder, more smoke will come out. Normally some smoke comes out. I think this beautiful plugin, what do you think? Why should it be added? ; This is a simulation game and it should be realistic. (Note: Exhaust fumes will be white, not black.)
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