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  1. To get to know the community better Considering my knowledge of the community is slim I figured why not give it a shot.
  2. Honestly, I'd say half way through November, and the end of December!
  3. Honestly, I have more than one favorite truck. Although Volvo and Scania are decently fast and all. Though Mercedes interior is a lot nicer as apposed to Scania & Volvo. I mean yeah 625HP Mercedes is a lot slower. Then again all trucks cap out at 110km/h so. Does it matter, no! Favorites: Volvo, Mercedes, Scania
  4. Probably the drivers that don't pay attention to road rules
  5. @Stubborn__ I think so @_sneaht_0810 It the normal screen after you hit ESC, but it's frozen there @DatSpeed All the files are validated, and no problem on the translation
  6. Sometimes when I hit the quit button on truckermp (in-game) it likes to freeze, meaning I either have to restart my pc or log out my profile. ESC>Quit>Freeze
  7. Iveco and Renault are more than likely my least favorite:)
  8. I mean I drive it mostly because of the people. It's seemingly like a real road minus the people that ram or drive carelessly. That's why I like it seems almost realistic to me.
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