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  1. Discord Link Update - Aparently I didn't set it not to expire so heres the new link for Alpha Haulage Ltds Discord Server.  Remember we have both Driver and Staff Applications open at the moment so please apply now. 



  2. Alpha Haulage LTD is excited to announce staff recruitment opportunities for the following key roles within our ever-growing community. If you're a current member looking to elevate your involvement and contribute to the success of our trucking family, we invite you to apply at the following google forms:


    Manager Positions - https://forms.gle/bRHywZoaspSZYVnd8

    Team Positions - https://forms.gle/nfvvC1T7DNdQTV3q8


    DISCLAIMER - If you are applying externally as a member of the community we will require you to become a full member of the VTC before we can enrol you as staff.

    More information can be found on our discord server https://discord.gg/JWenBzgb 

  3. Thank you for the follow me. :HaulieLove: 

  4. Our Discord Server is now open to the public. We hope you will enjoy your time with us and we look forward to seeing you soon.




    Pleas obey the following rules in the server:

    No discrimination of any kind (Religion, gender, sexual orientation, skin, age, disability)

    No political or religious discussions (it can get heated, we don't want that)

    Show everyone respect Listen to the moderators when needed

    We do not allow pirating, if you admit to pirating a game or people have show us evidence of such you will be banned here

    No NSFW content and don't overdo on swearing

    No drama or argument starting of any kind

    Put your posts in the correct channels

  5. Hey Isacsb,


    Thanks for liking our post about recruitment it really helps us out.



    1. Isacsb


      No worries!

  6. Alpha Haulage Ltd is broadening there horizons and delving into the world of social media.  Make sure to give us a follow, like and share our content across the trucking community.  Links are here and on our VTC Page.  We cant wait to see you on there!

    Reminder we also have space on our media team so if your interested join us as a driver and applications for the team will open soon!


    X - https://twitter.com/AlphaLtd17

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/alphahaulageltd/

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61553665765050

  7. Thank you for the follow! :HaulieLove:

    1. ddavies12


      Hey No worries thank you! 

  8.  Recruitment Now Open at Alpha Haulage LTD! 


    Are you ready to hit the roads with Alpha Haulage LTD? We're thrilled to announce that our recruitment doors are now open! 

    If you're passionate about trucking, eager to join a community, and ready for exciting adventures, now is the time to apply!


    Recruitment is open until further notice so please bear we us with reviewing your applications.


    How to Apply: Click the "Apply Now" on our VTC page at https://truckersmp.com/vtc/17 , fill out the application form, and let your journey with Alpha Haulage LTD begin! 




    Alpha Haulage LTD

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