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  1. Congratulations on promotion! 

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Skrollz

    Some issue

    2. If you wish to use ProMods, then you can ONLY play on ProMods servers that are made for it. In the server list, you can see there are ProMods and ProMods Arcade, so you might want to play on one of those servers. If you wish to play on ProMods servers, take a look at THIS.
  4. Happy birthday! 

  5. Awesome. Thank you!
  6. Good night to everyone and happy night trucking! Stay safe y'all! 

  7. Congratulations! 

  8. Well, my opinion is that it is pretty useless because I think most of us dont even care where are others from. If you want to share your country flag with others then just buy DLC that allows to add flags to your truck and add them on your truck.
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