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  1. Hey!


    It would be nice if ETS2C would get a mobile app for IOS and Android.

    Message me back about what you think of this idea.


    King Regards:

  2. Rorxy



    Tried to PM, but you are not currently receiving them (linked to here from your page).


    I appreciate that your convoy site is not directly affiliated with the TruckersMP or SCS folk, but I was just wondering if there were plans to update locations list to include all the latest DLC cities and towns on both ETS and ATS?


    I see that the server listing to new names (Arcade and Sim) have updated automatically.


    I noticed that some players who post the larger convoy or regular convoys have further listing options? How does this work? Do I need to post in the forum? (I just signed up to forum so that I could PM you). Here is an example of what I mean compared to the default. In this instance the player can see Taranto and ACC company in Southern Italy but that is not available in my dropdown list?:  https://ets2c.com/view/81901/et-ints0b1esk1-86-taranto-acc


    In it's current state, I just find if we are going to Italy or Baltics for example on ETS I need to put ** WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING A to B* at the top of the page which some people miss if that makes sense along with people not clicking because my convoy will be listed inaccurately as Milan > Milan for example instead of Milan > Palermo.


    Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question and it's an easy fix! Just not figured it out yet.




  3. woot

    Convoy forum gone?

    ^ I asked VODKA to have the link placed back in, but he said "we don't put ads on our websites and in game anymore". Too bad, less people that will know the site exists and miss out some fun.
  4. woot


    ATS servers & cities have been added to ets2c.
  5. I already added ATS servers to the server selector but I still need to add the cities. Does anyone know where I can find a full list of cities in ATS? EDIT: Found it, added to the list.
  6. woot


    PM me the link to the convoy and I'll change it for you.
  7. There's a forum section called "Convoys" that directly redirects you to ets2c, easier to find than a thread in general talk
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