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  1. Ban reason is reckless driving. xD İf admin is not trainee ban me perm pls. 😂


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    2. F.Maynard


      yep I accept my insult, but admin banned me for reckless driving not insulting. :troll:

    3. If Its Itchy,Just Scratch

      If Its Itchy,Just Scratch

      Very honorable that you accepting your ban, you can Appeal your ban and asking the admin to make sure that the correct the ban reason, just for the files! 😄

    4. тoυιjєя


      What is this horrendous ban. ITS THE GUY IN THE VIDEO’S FAULT. He passes when he can see véhicules with priority are coming and then has the audacity to snitch and complain. He should be revoked of reporting someone again and we need to find this clueless admin giving a false ban like that, this is the worst ban I ever saw. I wonder if admin has a driving’s license

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