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  1. Hello truckers! For players who prefer easy gameplay, we are pleased to introduce a new gameplay mode "Vanilla". This mode is as close as possible to the economy of the base game. The main differences from the "Simplified" and "Simulation" modes: + The economy factor corresponds to the base game. Always equal to 1.0. + Leveling game levels as in the base game. + The cost of garages and quick movements corresponds to the base game. + The price of the truck and trailer, when sold to the dealer, as in the base game. + No taxes. You can read more about the new mode in this article: https://forum.vtc.world/index.php?/topic/4699-vanilla-mode/ Users who have recently deleted their account can register again today. Have a nice trucking.
  2. Dear friends! We continue to implement changes that increase the reputation value when playing on the VTC.World profile. Until then, the impact of the reputation on the position of players in the TOPs, where it takes place, has been minimal. Today’s change will allow players with a high reputation on the project to have a higher priority when occupying high positions in TOPs. Have a nice game and first places in the TOPs.
  3. Happy Birthday! :HaulieLove:

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  14. Dear friends! And again a new peak, a new number... The VTC.World project is growing and developing. There are 20000 of us (and even more). 20000 (Twenty thousand with +) Users are officially registered on the VTC.World Project, with which we congratulate you and us. Is this another round number? Not quite. This is a long way from the idea of functionality to its implementation. This is a lot of work, sleepless nights, constant development and striving for perfection. This is the joy of implementing the plan. Now, the VTC.World project for many registered users is a kind of outlet in the implementation of a simulation other than the basic game. And we already have 20000 fans - real fans of cargo transportation. Smooth roads for you in the vast multiplayer TruckersMP. Sincerely, the administration of the VTC.World.
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