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  1. Hallo! Wo möchtest du deinen Namen ändern? MfG Flying Cat
  2. Hello! Just sign out of the BETA program. If you want to play ETS, you just have to wait a few days and it'll work again for the MP, cause the 1.35 is now out of BETA. I hope this helps you. Kind regards Flying Cat
  3. Hello folks. Now, finally, ETS2 is out of the BETA phase! Soon we will be able to enjoy ETS2mp again. Also ATS will soon be out of the public BETA programm because next week, the 11th of june, the Washington-DLC for ATS will be out. Can't wait to do some log hauling! What are you exited about? Tell me. Kind regards Flying Cat
  4. Hallo Xonar, ich würde dir gerne helfe, jedoch funktioniert dein Link nicht, jedenfalls nicht bei mir. Schau vielleicht nochmal ob das der richtige Link ist und sonst schreib doch bitte den genauen Titel des Videos inkl. YTber hier in diese Diskussion. Mit freundlichen Grüssen Flying Cat
  5. Good day! So, make sure that you have a steam version. If you bought it on instant gaming I'm not sure if it will work tho. How you can activate a game on steam with a key can you see HERE. Again, I'm not sure if the MP will work with an instant gaming key. If it won't work, you have to buy the steam version. Also don't forget that you need min. 2 hours played to be able to play. I hope I could help you. For further question you can tag or quote me in this discussion or write me a PM. Best regards and enjoy TMP! Flying Cat
  6. Hello. As I saw, you installed TMP in the ETS2 folder. Delete every file of TMP on your PC, download the installer again and install it at the standart adresse. Anyway, I found a good Video on YT which isn't too old. Try this: Youtube Tutorial: (Not from me, thanks to the creator) Good luck! Kind regards Flying Cat
  7. Hello there! Please write again what you ment. Also I would like to know if its a problem with Euro Truck Simulator 2 itself or with the Multiplayer modification . I'm not quite sure if I understud that right, but I just wanna say that only 1 Account per Person is allowed. I hope for a clearifing of your question. Kind regards Flying Cat
  8. Just write down every information asked. In the bottomline you write down a link (copy and paste) exemple: "Evidence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exemple" You should include in the video good evidence so they can understand what happens. Also don't forget to write in the Chat "/pinfo IDfromtheplayer" exemple: "/pinfo 124" and "/time". I like to use GeForce video evidence. I hope it helps you, if you have any further question, quote me in this topic or write me a PM, my inbox is always open. Best regards Flying Cat
  9. The "Staff Convoy" Server will probably soon be rebooted as "EU 4". Best regards Flying Cat
  10. "Our" reallife car (Picture from google): My dreamcar is a Dodge Charger Hellcat SRT in white. Also a really great car is the Tesla Model S Facelift P100D or Tesla Model 3 Have a great day everyone Best regards Flying Cat
  11. Hello! You can make a report here: https://truckersmp.com/reports/create Also you have to type in the chat: /pinfo NumberofthePlayer exemple: /pinfo 1451 After you typed /pinfo in the caht, to report the player on the website you have to use the TruckersMPID. If you have done this, you can type also /time You can take a look at a video of mine: I hope I could help you. Best regards Flying Cat
  12. Exactly, that's why you @ScaniaFan89, can't drive Policecars in MP because they have that mentioned autokick. Have a good day Sincerely Flying Cat
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