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  1. @MatsFox i'd hate to tell you but they are sold out
  2. I don't think it would be that hard for them to implement that since they have it for trucks and where I live I've seen livestock and grain trailers with drop axles.
  3. videogamer

    Math question

    A math question that i already know but i want to see how many people can solve it without using google and that math question is how many lbs and ounces is 2400grams.
  4. I like playing Arma 3 but I dislike play online multiplayer shooter games so I won't be trying this out.
  5. If your talking about go-karts i made a video of me driving one at a go-kart place when I went to a game convention https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt749AVi_H4&t=7s
  6. Time to continue building my moon base on Osiris: New Dawn

    1. Half Blood Prince

      Half Blood Prince

      I had 10 fps on lowest graphics settings.

  7. ^ Cabin lights are a 3rd party mod and won't be added but if you want you could always suggest it here for ATS http://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=185 or here for ets2 http://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5.
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    Yes Rotterdam is also known as laggerdam.
  9. AMD R9 390 8GB How many Steam games do you have installed?
  10. ETS2 EU2 will be moved to new host in at the top of the hour (22 Minutes)

  11. gopro footage from when I went to a go kart place


  12. What your trying to do is to add a skin file that's not part of the base game trailer skins.
  13. videogamer

    FPS drops in MP

    Another thing is ETS2 and ATS are both using DX9 where as GTAV let's you choose between DX9, DX10, or DX11 and as long as ETS2 and ATS are running DX9 your gonna have FPS issues.
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