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  1. i couldnt handle a smaller engine i dont think, i love the power.
  2. I agree here, the dual combo trailers (if realistic) are cool. So for example logs and planks, however then it is very hard to make rules black and white.
  3. Tbh i never knew this so thankyou very much for letting me know
  4. Congratulations! 

  5. Congrats Cyber! ❤️

    1. TFM_Cyberskilzz


      Thanks VeLociTy :)


  6. Welcome in the truckersmp team!☺🤩🍾

  7. Congrats. cool person

    1. TFM_Cyberskilzz


      Thankyou very much 

  8. Event looks great, will try shout out on TruckersFM and come visit myself.
  9. Yeah i wasn't able to attend the last one on ATS so if there was another on ATS i would defos have to go
  10. NGL i got a bit bored of single player so TMP was an amazing thing so driving with friends is amazing in my opinions as it just brings a new realm to the game as the game is so realistic.
  11. Just me that is hoping for another real ops soon?? Absolutely loved the last one with TFM reporting on it and the presenters doing silly voices.
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