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  1. Good to see that TMP is trying to make this a "serious" simulation than a "idiots on the road" stage show. Good luck for 2020.
  2. Congratulations Ollie ! :)

  3. How do you handle them? What do you think about people constantly driving in the same areas with half of Europe at your disposal? Well, first of all I just avoid going to the C-D road on EU2, because I am seriously not interested in being a part of "chaos" there. I would rather drive with a few people and chill with friends/members of my VTC on other locations than just visit the service station every 5 minutes. Of course, the C-D road is popular for quite a number of reasons: 1. Since it's MP, most people would like to drive with hundreds of people around them. 2. The chaos part is what most are interested in I suppose, since that adds a "fun" factor to the game. I see a lot of people on forums and discord saying that they "avoid" going to the CD road but in the end I am sure most of them end up going to that road because the FUN part is there. 3. The fact that the road is so narrow that even if you are driving good, you sure will be flipped over some or the other time. 4. Every You-tuber who creates "funny videos" go there and the people around would ram into them just so that they can show their momma that they're on YouTube. 5. People who drive Skoda and have no idea about manual transmission or controlling the wheels. What do you think about the rules set out for busy areas (no overtaking, no beacons)? Are these rules even implemented? Sometimes I see admins posting notification in the game about not using beacons with 25+ people around which is I guess followed by most people, but overtaking? How is it possible for you admins to track that? It's a long road and you can view only one particular location in free cam. The problem in that road is not "overtaking". I used to go to that road a few times to finish job deliveries and I would see people overtaking me a lot. I would just slide to the right and let them go ahead. The main problem of overtaking is when... 1. The person who is overtaking DOESN'T care about the fact that there is another truck coming from the opposite direction. 2. When the rear truck is overtaking, the front one would swerve a bit to avoid letting him overtake ending in a major collision. No matter what rules you set, this road will always be a chaos
  4. I joined this VTC and was a part of the leadership team as well and provided them as website but I quit due to various reasons. The owner/team wants to break all the rules of truckersmp and even encourage people who break them. It's also a place where kids under 12 years are staff whereas anyone under 13 is breaking discord rules and TOS.
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