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  1. Well..some people like to play with gasoline and everybody knows what it can happen,but they do it anyways...Same thing with the C-D Road.They know they will be rammed to death,be stuck in traffic for hours and go deaf by all the air horns going off at the same time,but they still go there,why? i will never know. There are so many beautiful routes to drive on the map,but players insists to drive in a old area,that connects 2 cities that are not that important just because "i like to stay in traffic"lol Last time i went there,it was simply because i forgot to check the route that my gps generated..as soon i realized where i was a huge N-O-P-E came up in my head,and i jumped off on the closest exit i could find..that area is like chernobyl for me.
  2. Loving the new Tuning DLC for mercedes!





  3. .I stricly follow speed limits,even the annoying 55mph in california.I understand what you are saying,on VTC's i think is a good idea,but how about players that dont participate in one? The biggest reason for the limits is because of that 1% os "players" that basically dont give a [email protected]$%# about rules or anybody playing.Sadly everybody has to suffer because of few selfish,arrogant people. About the 45mph speed limit..i think is good but the "city zones" need to be reworked to eliminate the problem of roads/interstates cutting through cities
  4. I really try to customize my trucks with a nice paintjob,fancy chrome wheels and lights all around,but there's something aboutJ-spec that i cant resist lol These are my latest creations: Volvo FH16 540 6x4..inclided a trailer with "faded" red paint and mismatch wheels on the second trailer. And my little premium(tha's about to reach 100,000 kilometers)
  5. A Delivery at the kenworth dealer at Seattle(Washington DLC).I really like that SCS is trying to make delivery ponits more unique and challeging.


  6. Since the last update on ATS and ETS 2 i started to see the second trailer on parked dubles in companies just float away,do you guys know why is that happening? is some kind of glitch on the mp mod?
  7. Cara,verifica nas opções do mod,só apertar TAB lá tem a opção de desligar/ligar o limitador,mas se vc pegar uma carga/contrato pelo World of Trucks, vc vai ficar limitado a 90KM/h ok!.POREM vc falou dos servidores limitados,aí não tem o q fazer
  8. The servers are filling up,whats happening is that the changes spreaded the players to more servers,you just cant take one server for reference...Sim 1 is not filling up because 1,000+ players migrated to Sim 2 and both arcade servers..just checked the amount now: Sim 1 3,297 Sim 2 0,740 ARc 1 0,371 ARc 2 0,062 total 4,470 players online(on ETS-2 only) and the peak hours ended already,And this is happens every day. The only people that i keep seeing complaining about the speed drives with no respect for the others around,have a clown-colored 8x4 scania/volvo pulling a 2 axle box trailer,got a mile of bad history for ramming and reckless driving...... I been playing since day one of this mod, and i'm honestly tired of begin rammed to death by a "speed demon" that believe that 30 ton trucks are racing cars...
  9. Well..if you think your job is crap and your life is miserable..i suggest you to re-think that lol


    1. Spark Ignite

      Spark Ignite

      Naah, I'm the money amn with 1m of real cash xD

  10. I'm counting the seconds for the International lonestar to be launched..my favorite american truck by far!

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      You and me both, brother! la.gif 

  11. I'm not a big fan of mods and the game Ai doesn't help,soo i play MP only mostly on scandinavia,My favorite area to drive by far,and mostly empty even on EU-2
  12. and a Gmod server is a very organized thing right? ahahahaha
  13. This happen to me every time i want to transport an special load lol!..My suggestion is: try to travel to other garages and check the contracts there,some cities(with construction companies for an example) generates more loads than others
  14. this event is the biggest mess i ever seen....Blocked the guy "fleeing" from the "police" and i got kicked for reckless driving/blocking lol..but hey that was fun until lasted :P


  15. Heys guys,Squirrel showed how to actvate the realistic phisics for ETS 1.33 version...My question is:Can i do the same with ATS? i honestly cant play there after using the new phisics in ets lol

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    2. caff!!!


      I had done that right after said accident, in fact shows up in the video

    3. BrunoPelogia


      @Mike Dragon i tested everything  on ETS Single player for atleast an hour and i'm playing for  a week without any problems(rail crossings included).I believe the biggest risk is another player with a FH16 crashing into me at 150KM/H........the values that were changed were created by SCS itself.They didnt fully implemented the new physics mostly because of players with keyboards because you need a  precise control of the truck all the time.
      But i'm not going to do the same on ATS because,judging by the comments here, i realized the trucks and trailers are completely different and of course the physics values too.Trying to make an american truck behave like an european one is not a good idea..so i will wait to somebody with real knowledge to show if it is possible to change the values safely.

      And about ETS.if you follow squirrel steps,and of course is a more serious player,the new physics are a gamechanger.Now i can feel the weight behind the truck,i can see the heavy trailer shifting its weight in corners,and the different axle configurations makes the truck behave as it should.Like in real life an 6x4 truck is harder to turn compared to a 4x2,so i'm learning to treat a very heavy cargo as it should,specially when making a corner after a traffic light,because the front of the truck lifts up just enough to relieve some of  the weight of the front wheels,reducing its grip  and making harder to fight the resistance of the traction axles...but anyway i will be extremely careful and try to avoid EU-2 at any costs lol

      If you guys want,i can make a simple video showing waht i said :)

      thanks everybody for the comments and help!!

    4. Mike Dragon
  16. TECHINCALLY speaking,the mod improved alot,and this comes from a guy that plays since literally day one.The mod/servers bacame very stable and desync with other players are very rare..even with my high ping(Avg of 250)i have no problems at all. BUT the admnistration side is other thing.......There's a HUGE black hole between the admnistration in general and the playerbase:No changelogs,or plans for the future,just a completely radio silence after each end every update. I feel that there is no dedication or love involved,people join the lower mod ranks just to have a chance to have some kind of power,not to help improve the experience for the really dedicated drivers out there.The HUGE inconsistency between time and how moderators deal with reports is ridiculous and cannot stay like this.. But sadly for me the biggest example that shows that higer rank mods dont give a damn is the surveys...Why not give us the results(for the first one) and say what you guys have planned to change based on it? The TMP team will keep making them until they got a satisfactory result? And please start listening to Us...World of Tanks,one of my favorite games, is slowly dying(in a very painful way) due an administration that is blinded by arrogancy and greed,I really dont want to see this mod dissapear because of that,i believe 2019 needs to be a year of huge internal changes for this mod!.
  17. i had no idea that my ID number on MP is just 3 digits lol...Call me Truckers Gandpa :P

  18. I had no idea this was a thing...aways though i was the only one doing "realistic looking" trucks. this is My Renault premium. *Edited.Deleted the old pic because i changed some things on the truck and trailer!*
  19. Why the game is sutck at night? is part of the halloween event?

  20. DAMN PRIUS DRIVERS!!! Even on ATS they manage to be extremely annoying...going 30 in a 70Mph zone Ugh

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Don't be mad, Bruno. They are saving the world!

  21. Hey guys! The classic stripes dlc for ATS is supported by the MP?

  22. I have this 3 trucks for many years,now i decided to put them in my computer desk(sorry for the pic quality,my phone camera is bad at night)

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      looks great. Very nice :wub:

  23. just a little comparison:Brazilian Iveco racing truck and a european one:



    1. David Edson

      David Edson

      Em questão de potência, tem alguma diferença? ou é apenas em relação a aparência mesmo? 

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