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  1. Hello, sorry for the delay. My solution was to change the value of "save format" to 0. Greetings and you can close the post.
  2. Hi, I'm Luis and I'm having performance issues on Truckers MP. Pressing TAB to see the list of nearby users, I notice that my FPS drops from 60 to 50. And if I'm in a city with enough people, instead of 50, it drops to 40. This is not new, years ago I remember that it also happened to me, and not only to me, but to many people as well. It was short-lived, because within weeks the TruckersMP team fixed it. Another related problem is that when loading users in the list there is also a small lag, which is quite tedious. Mainly I want to know if it happens to you, and if you can help me. Greetings and happy trucking. P.S: Without pressing TAB the game stays at constant 60 FPS. PC Specs: I5 9600kf. GTX 1060 3gb. Windows 10 Pro. 8gb RAM. Plus, it's literally just formatted, updated in every respect, and the truth is that it works perfectly. Translated by Google.
  3. I don't know what's going on, but it's sucks. They also removed Calais - Duisburg from the map.
  4. Hello, does this also work for trailers? Because I tried it and I did not have results, more than the enrollment haha disappears. What I did was the following: license_plate: "<color value=FF0000>LUIS|italy" I know it's possible because I've seen several Turks carry their blue and red license plates. Greetings and I hope someone can help me soon.
  5. Good idea friend Juan. We must clarify that this will take a long time to be implemented but it will be worth it, it will increase the realism as you say. Greetings and hopefully it will be implemented!
  6. I love watching how TruckersMP progresses with the passage of time, honestly this is amazing, good job!
  7. I do not know what I would do without the /fix command, hahaha. Cheers!
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