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  1. 📈 Records, numbers and other💡

    1. Yesterday, a record all-time peak result: 66,313 players ETS 2 on the Steam. Previous: (61,081 all-time peak - 2 Apr 2020).

    2. Yesterday a great result in peak 7942 players on TruckersMP servers. Previously, this was a long time ago, in June 2021.


    3. It took about 58 hours to reach the community goal of making 20,000 deliveries in The Big Pumpkin Pickup event.

    The community goal has been increased to 50,000. Currently, 31,990 jobs have been completed after 85 hours.

    4. Opening https://map.truckersmp.com/  - you can see player activity on the farm.


    1. TimeTimes


      Those are pretty interesting stats

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