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  1. Look at TruckersMP ID. It more then 5 000 000. 5 millions times TROLLS ARE PAYed. WITH 5 000 000 ACCOUNTS AN ONLINE STILL THE SAME AS ON 100 000 ACCOUNTS. Yes, they are PAY. All of them have 7 or more accounts. suggestion must be like this: increase SPEED OF VIEWING WEB REPORTS AND INGAME TO. MORE BANS = MORE MONEY. (more COUNT of bans, not a duration of bans) THIS IS A BUSSINES. NOTHING PERSONAL.
  2. Suggestion Name: Web report system. Clam by perpetrator and sort by rep count Suggestion Description: The web report system myst be sorting by perpetrator. Then more count of report for one plauer, then higerst a report rank. Additional, in one page a report moderator see all evedence of each report. (image blow) Any example images: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why should it be added?: Because of load on the web report system: VERY HIGH 1. After update interface to that one, a web report moderators will be complytly see a toxic players and ban them faster. 2. No more tons of tab's while dealing with reports.
  3. Same thing. I've appealed to Game Moderator and they rejected it without any reasons. I've play since 2014, and there is nothing changet. Same corruption.
  4. What are you talking about? Game Moderator recruitment is CLOSED Load on the web report system: VERY HIGH ------ is CLOSED VERY HIGH ----- That all what you need to know. Average report processing time is 14-20 DAYS. And player will be banned (in good case) for only 7 days.
  5. It's video from my trip :rolleyes: 


  6. Yea!! I buy my secound car in my life! :check: Its Ford Focus II :wub:

    1. SprinterFS


      Careful with that Ford automatic transmission. Otherwise solid car. Good if it's manual transmission.

    2. Leon Baker

      Leon Baker

      Congratulations ;) 

  7. Agree with you, I do same with my reports, checking all of them after report..... If they wanna to make hidden ban history of staff, so do it with staff ban history only. Or make to non-hidden information about active ban. And public information about bans is a part of non-corrupt system, when GM always know that all of TMP team can control his justice. The day when a ban history is maked as hidden is the day of corruption born
  8. 99.99999999999998% игроков в этой игре. Аналогично выключен звук сигналов. Музыка и релакс в моих наушниках всяко важнее. В сравнении с местными, я просто превосходно управляю машиной. Ни одного бана за 5 лет игры тут за нарушения и подрезания кого-либо.
  9. Can some Game Moderator ban 4 cheaters that drive at C-D road??? Really hate that, they just driving 1-2 min.


    1. Elysia ELF

      Elysia ELF


      Please be patient our GMs got other stuff to do.

      Wait until someone will look at your report.

      And I would like to remind you that the forums isn‘t a proper place to talk about reports, bans or appeals.


    2. x004cc_174rus


      they just making a chaos at C-D road. Ofcource I can wait.

  10. Who must be reported in that case?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. x004cc_174rus
    3. x004cc_174rus


      Same here. May I report truck and car?


    4. Half Blood Prince

      Half Blood Prince

      Yeah ^ same. Car at fault for reckless overtaking and truck at fault for not letting him overtake and trying to cut the car off.

  11. Wish we have a server with 7000 cap online.

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