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  1. Suggestion Name: Specified Above Suggestion Description: Good afternoon, i am writing this feedback in regards to my idea of a map expansion, specifically in Dusseldolf. The reason why I think Dusseldolf should be expanded is for the hotel and the bus station to not get too congested with players (since Duisburg is a no collision area) and people rather go to Dusseldolf which ultimately results in the road that goes to the service station to be blocked by people exiting-entering the hotel(and that they have to go on the opposite side of the road to make it out if they have a trailer of any kind). The expansion can be done with little to “no” change in the current map on a road that is already in place on the map but not accessible.I Have attached some pictures and a video that explains how the expansion shall be done and the benefits of it. Why should it be added?: This expansion will make Dusseldolf less chaotic to navigate around and the players will have new spots to use for parking(this ofcourse wont remove everyone from the hotel/bus station but a significant decrease will be seen in my opinion). I hope you guys like my suggestion as much as i do? Any example images: Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/RmDYN8c Video: https://streamable.com/jnz57e Regards, andrewkds
  2. +1. This will not only be convenient but also cause less problems as people yet dont know how to mute people so they get angry and things escalate from there
  3. +1. I mean cars are pretty much useless now with the 110kmh speed limit but a variety of them would be nice to choose from
  4. Well yes but i memorize the pfp
  5. I see your point but what i do is record the player then search his name on the website. Thats what i have been doing for the last few months
  6. Everyone that comments below me is getting the rec report.
  7. Even if the limit was 10 there would still be trolls lets be honest.
  8. +1 keyboards users like me would findit helpful
  9. Yes Mark this as solved thanks guys
  10. Is going out of boundaries allowed in Europe 4 no collision server?
  11. Most of em work in the morning tho
  12. I would recommend you change the date to 30th cause most of the community is at holidays including me and 30 is a better number than 26
  13. +1 same as you i have a big recording and.i can't remember when i reported a player
  14. This isn't a good idea since you can turn off the players honks in the settings. So whats the point of doing such thing?
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