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  1. What's with the hate towards cars? [INCLUDES POLL]

    I understand the whole "it's the driver not the car", that's obvious, although the scout needs a major improvement. But look at it this way... BMW drivers, Audi drivers, Bus Drivers, Cyclists, VW Passat drivers, White van drivers... It's never the vehicle itself that's the problem, but rather the kind of person that vehicle seems to attracts. The scout fits in the same bubble, it attracts idiots who can't drive. Yeah, you'll your good examples, but of all the bad experiences you have, it always seems to be the same ones cropping up again and again. I know I have far more bad experiences with scout drivers than I do truck drivers. Not to mention the added chaos that the scout causes when it gets into a high speed crash...
  2. Calais-Duisburg

    @[ETS2MCG] Kien Giang Doesn't change anything I've said though... It doesn't make them free from criticism, nor does it change the fact that more admins are needed (if anything you only add to that point)...
  3. Calais-Duisburg

    A lack of admins doesn't make the current admins free from criticism. Admins can, and should ALWAYS be criticised when needed. If the current admins can't handle the playerbase, then more admins are obviously needed. This isn't rocket science, and it blows my mind that this is STILL a problem. It has been a problem since I first joined (keep in mind I'm a 3 year vet on here), and was most likely a problem before that bar the early days where player population would be low.
  4. Do you guys record your drivings?

    I used to, but at this point I don't bother... It's too much hassle, and frankly I've got much better things to do than try and police an online community that has seemingly always had a problem with a lack of admins...
  5. Do you think setting brake intensity to 100% helps?

    I've got mine at 100%. People can say what they want about people with it at 100% and act holier than thou because they're on some low intensity, but the reality is that even at the speed limits, 100% is far more useful. I've been saved plenty of times when some idiot has pulled out right in front of me or swerved over onto my side of the road simply because I've had it 100%. If I were rocking it as low as 30%, especially with the heavier loads, I wouldn't've stood a chance. I don't have 100% on because I'm doing 4000 MPH. I have it on because people don't know how to drive in this game, and it saves us all the hassle of TPing to the garage.
  6. Double's Being allowed out of Scandinavia

    ^ Last one could simply be for show/advertisement purposes. Are these actually doubles or are they Rigids with a drawbar like this:
  7. *Drives into Scandinavia* o.o

    Doubles, doubles everywhere...

    1. Ross.gif


      ikr haha!


    2. DerAmpelmann


      I haven't been playing with the update yet, but I can imagine there are a lot of DAF's hauling doubles.

  8. Can we get an Admin in Duisburg on EU2 it's a complete mess trying to get out the mechanics

    1. Kravatie


      lol when isn't it a mes

  9. Duisburg to Calais do's and don'ts

    I have to disagree with a handful of things here... I'm sorry but that's completely wrong. If you overtake and don't get it done, that's on you. YOU are in THEIR lane. They don't have to give you space to complete your poorly judged overtake, they give you space because they don't want to get wrecked by a bad driver. There's no reason for you to be on the wrong side of the road unless the truck in front of you is going painfully slow. Even then, if you are ever in a position where the guy on the other side of the road has to give you room for you to complete your overtake (excluding very extreme circumstances like slow moving traffic and some sort of obstruction), then you've overtaken poorly, and driven recklessly, which is bannable. If I was forced to the side of the road by your failed overtake attempt, you can bet your ass that I'd submit a report and you'd walk away with a warning or a ban... I completely disagree with these in this contex... C-D should be treated like EP. No overtaking at all, except for very specific scenarios (poorly parked truck, truck ahead is going very slow/lagging very bad) No, braking is an option. In fact, it's probably the option you should go for. If you go head on, you'd likely be looking at a combined speed of about 80-100MPH. That sort of force is going to lift both trucks off the ground, ass first, and you're going to end up with at least one jackknifed trailer blocking the road, causing another 3 or so people too crash into eachother. If you brake, you slow people down, but you don't block to road because you've crashed.
  10. What song are you currently listening to?

  11. UK no longer apart of the EU

    I'm amazed by people who think we've left... We voted to leave, but as of this moment, we are still part of the EU. Not to mention that a referendum is nothing but a means of informing the government that the people want something. Strictly speaking, the Government can completely throw out the results, and given that article 50 STILL hasn't been initiated, it's certainly not out of the question. Also, it wasn't just a UK vote, it was also Gibraltar.
  12. How veterans entertained on long journeys

    I listen to music (a lot of the songs will probably make it onto my SotD list in my sig) and take chaos routes and laugh at people failing.. Chaos routes being routes where people tend to crash or do dumb stuff. Haven't played in a while, but some spots on the list back then... -Oxnard in general (road from Santa Cruz, Oxnard dirt roads, ect...) -Bakersfield gas station near chems -'Sacramento corner' - My name for a somewhat sharp turn (sharp for an interstate) on the interstate near Sacramento where A LOT of people wreck. -Road to Eureka from Redding - Due to the severity of some of the turns that have to be taken at the speed limit, if not slower. Not a popular road, but it can be a spot for chaos. -Elko, the sheer amount of people there at the time made it a bit iffy. Not particularly sure why it saw a lot of traffic, not sure if it still does though. -The road East of Fresno which crosses into Nevada towards Tonopah. The Nevada side isn't too bad, but the Cali side, especially that sharp section, sees a lot of wrecks. -San Fran Docks, again, the sheer amount of people there made it a bit iffy. I don't think it's quite as bad as it used to be though. -Route...? I forgot... Pretty sure it's the road that goes towards the interstate between Oakland and Santa Cruz. It's not so much that it's a chaos route, but you can get some interesting things going on up there every now and then.
  13. What song are you currently listening to?

  14. Just hours left to register to vote if you want to vote in the EU referendum!

    If you're eligible to vote, get it done NOW!

    1. TrademarkGamer


      2 more years till I can vote :(

  15. Last day to register to vote for the EU referendum!

    Eligible to register? Get it done!

    1. GMasterP90


      I've tried to convince loads of people who I know don't vote in normal elections, they're still adamant they are not going to vote in this referendum... wtf is wrong some people?

    2. stilldre1976


      Had my card thro the door weeks ago roll on the 23rd voting OUT

    3. GMasterP90