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  1. I'd say either the nice modern look of either the Mercedes New Acrtos or Volvo FH16.
  2. The mod has been removed and the light rule still stands Surely it should be moved back to a later time, as 4pm is too early.
  3. I do not, though probably should. What really annoys me is when people smack "REC" in their names, and are then the ones to dangerously go and overtake you on a narrow road and cut you off and send you flying, and then say "REC" in the chat :/
  4. It seems alright when players use it properly. But with it being the newest addition to the MP, I see every man and their nan driving around with a caravan, which is a bit silly for a trucking game. Ah well, I'm sure people will go back to normal soon.
  5. Good update like, but please for the love of god change the "turn on your lights or be punished by death" kind of thing off until a later time, as 4pm is far too early. I thought this would've been changed by now
  6. Yeah, it's annoying that there's never enough admins around for that area, would really help to cut down on the amount of people trying to thread the needle between traffic jams and just ramming into people, who are just ruining the drive for those that want to drive with others seriously.
  7. Yeah, servers seem to be staying stable. I just hope I don't load up Project CARS 2 and find all those that like to drive 120+mph crashing into me on there haha
  8. I never seem to be able to get my full pay for any long drive big paying jobs, as every time there is always that one player in a car that decides to just magnet towards me whilst they are driving ludicrous speeds whilst I am only going a modest 50 mph Does this happen to all you guys also? Edit, I always go on EU2 as it's the most populated and feels more alive, but being crashed into is the price I must pay I suppose.
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