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  1. Happy birthday. I hope have a good years!  

  2. ¡H a p p y   b i r t h d a y!


  3. #SmokeyandtheBandit event

  4. ^ Only issue with your double yellow argument is that the Dev's for the game didn't do their homework and everything is a double yellow line which is far from what it is in California and Nevada. You only see dashed yellow lines at intersections in this game. Which is dumb because that's not how it is.
  5. v

    this will defuse tension :D
  6. Just saw the video for Puncake's ban wut he avoided hitting that truck by going off road which was a smart choice. He hardly drove on the wrong side also it was him moving over to where he needed to be. #Badban

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    2. Creatured


      if you start an argument here you have not seen the bad side of me and trust me you don't want to..

    3. Badgriuel


      ^threatening players now that's nice.

    4. Badgriuel


      some would say its a threat. Since you really only say that to threaten people.

  7. Oh look another locked thread. Seriously how do you expect growth when you stifle expression

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      Because the thread was on the verge of a full on argument. If you don't like how we do things, then kindly leave.

  8. Lul mods lock a thread when people use logic against them

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      ^ that makes no sense at all.

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      Thanks for your interest in TruckersMP

    4. Creatured


      if you guys want to argue go take it to PM's and not here....

  9. If you are going to say because some people had cancer or know people that have it or had it. Then I'm going to stop you right there, I've been diagnosed with cancer back in October of 2015, so that argument won't work on me. But I know a little something called CONTEXT when it comes to using a word. Perhaps a lesson in the different ways to use cancer is in order? http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/cancer
  10. ^ The "insult" wasn't directed at a person but a location in the game. So now if you say a location is bad and somehow insult it you can get banned? Silly.
  11. ^ You say it's not your intention, but by the ACTIONS of your staff this is exactly what is happening to your player base. Insulting is one thing but seeing people getting banned for saying "Oxnard is cancer" is just plain stupid. Who was the player insulting? The great city of Oxnard? LOL. It's ridiculous things like that is what make the players angry at the mods. If people can't get mad at some idiot for crashing into them, that seems pretty harsh on your part. It's human nature to be mad at someone when something like that happens. Unless you expect us to be mindless drones and somehow discard our emotions? We have a saying in my gaming community about servers that have VERY strict rules we call them "Christian servers" since those servers literally have the same rules you do. No cussing, no insulting and the list goes on how ridiculous and politically correct the rules are. I feel like I'm caught in a loop with the admin's just repeating the same thing and circling the wagons since they have no real rebuttal to the very real issues that are being brought forth by your player-base. Which mind you keeps the mod alive without the player-base you'd only have the mods playing unless that's what you want? A server where like minded people that live in some crazy Utopia is what you want.
  12. Then you clearly don't get what he means by what you quoted then. He's not saying keep the trolls, he's saying that there are people that are bad drivers in the game just like there are in real life. This adds a bit of realism to the game and can make it more entertaining for everyone. Sorry but I find it boring if everyone is worried to make a mistake and drive overly cautious for fear of being banned for a minor infraction. For the video part, nothing in there is ban worthy. But yet an admin banned the player because guess what? The rules are ambiguous as hell, and leads to having different types of bans being done for the same reason. You don't have a uniform system for banning players and the different offenses. Unfortunately you don't have a perfect set of rules which is what's causing issues with players. I've also noticed that all the offenses state kick/ban. So do you kick first or ban? Because I've seen plenty of videos where no warning is given and its a straight ban. So you don't give the player a heads up that hey you might want to drive safer or you might get banned. Your last statement is very arrogant about the rules and what the players can do. Because there will be situations that players can't avoid because of the timing or someone else's actions.
  13. 1. I'm a Lead Server Admin(LSA) in a Counter Strike Source Community and deal with players and admins on a daily basis. So I know how admins can be quick to jump the gun or take the rules and interrupt them to further their punishment. I've been a LSA for 4 years now going on 5 with that same community. The only thing higher than an LSA is Roots who are Management. So I'm speaking from experience on dealing with admin's abusing their powers and also dealing with players that break the rules. 2. If they have bans for the same exact thing then I would be fine with an escalating length in the ban. For example in our server for Cade Breaking it goes like this. Warn > Kick > 1 hour ban >1 day ban >2-3 day ban >1 week ban >2 week ban > 1 month ban > perma. Now mind you this is if they break the SAME exact rule each time. If they broke a different rule then they start with a warning first and up the chain you go if it continues. What this does is it gives the player a light cooling off period and lets them come back later on and continue to play on the server. Because the goal as a Admin, LSA and Root is to keep your player base at a constant level and also grow it as well. By moving to a perma ban on their 6th ban even if each ban is for completely different reasons is wrong and only moves to lowering your player base slowly over time and at the same time it will make the players grow to despise the Mods and not come as often to the servers. The rules are very unclear as it leaves everything up to admin interpretation which leads to more kicks and bans then are really needed, which then makes the player base not as happy and you know where that leads to. Where shall you like for me to open up that topic so we can all discuss the rules that need to be tightened up and be less ambiguous?
  14. In my opinion the current system is flawed and open to abuse with banning players. Lots of the rules are VERY ambiguous and open to interpretation which leads to varying lengths or types of punishment. This is me coming at it from being a LSA in my other gaming community that has to deal with bans, admin abuse reports, player reports and forums reports. I poured over some of the ban appeals on here and one thing that is glaring is that admins punish for what they see at the moment they get there. So if you don't know what led to the current situation that causes issues in punishment since you yourself didn't see what actually happened and came after the fact. I see a lot of well its hard for other admins to review a ban appeal since they don't know what happened. You know how you solve that? Have a bans database where every ban must have documentation with proof. That way any admin can review the ban appeal. We never allow our admins to review a ban appeal that is for the LSA's and Roots to handle since you need to have the review process impartial and devoid of bias.
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