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  1. ^ Haha that or a Smokey and the Bandit type event.
  2. #SmokeyandtheBandit event

  3. ^ Just sounds boring the way you made it. It's like normal ATS driving, so what's the incentive to do it? Rather just do my own job and haul it to make more cash in the time it would take to do said event. Events are supposed to be you know fun and different than what the normal gameplay is .
  4. Fast does not equal reckless lol.
  5. Don't think you understand the word Race lol. You had me until no breaking any laws. #SmokeyandtheBandit event next.
  6. I think a lot of that stems from the native game. There are parts on Freeway 99 where the speed limit drops to 35 for no reason at all. I've driven up and down 99 it NEVER drops below 65 mph for cars and 55 mph for trucks. Only time it might is during roadwork but that's it.
  7. Great movies by the way and I think an event done like that would be fun for people involved also :3.
  8. v

    this will defuse tension :D
  9. Just saw the video for Puncake's ban wut he avoided hitting that truck by going off road which was a smart choice. He hardly drove on the wrong side also it was him moving over to where he needed to be. #Badban

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    2. Creatured


      if you start an argument here you have not seen the bad side of me and trust me you don't want to..

    3. Badgriuel


      ^threatening players now that's nice.

    4. Badgriuel


      some would say its a threat. Since you really only say that to threaten people.

  10. Oh look another locked thread. Seriously how do you expect growth when you stifle expression

    1. ThisIsAlex


      Because the thread was on the verge of a full on argument. If you don't like how we do things, then kindly leave.

  11. Lul mods lock a thread when people use logic against them

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    2. Badgriuel


      ^ that makes no sense at all.

    3. Sysgen


      Thanks for your interest in TruckersMP

    4. Creatured


      if you guys want to argue go take it to PM's and not here....

  12. If you are going to say because some people had cancer or know people that have it or had it. Then I'm going to stop you right there, I've been diagnosed with cancer back in October of 2015, so that argument won't work on me. But I know a little something called CONTEXT when it comes to using a word. Perhaps a lesson in the different ways to use cancer is in order? http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/cancer
  13. ^ The "insult" wasn't directed at a person but a location in the game. So now if you say a location is bad and somehow insult it you can get banned? Silly.
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