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  1. so you guys continue with "road to simulation" and put speed limit to whole "comunity" as u guys say ... and implement for admins 160 km/h because u know that 110 km/h is bad... and so with that u wash your hands, because for u (the admins) its simple u don't have restriction u drive with 160 km/h and force the rest to drive with 110 km ... nice update nice lesson .. good for u bad update from the start.
  2. I`m not throwing anything but from your posts i concluded that u are like that and i`m not the only one who think that way ... thats the problem maybe you should review some of your posts and u will see that many of the times u said that u like empty roads . eventhough u go and drive the whole europe u should know that the majority of the players are driving in central europe: in italy there are very several players same in france, in scandinavia there a re a little more players but still not enough also baltic area same as scandinavia. in conclusion stop saying us to take long distances trips because if i take a 2000 km trip it will take me 2-3 hours with 110 km/h i will sleep on the wheel when there are no players a player at 5-10 mins or even more, there's no fun in driving at that speed its simply too low, and i think we are taking trips longer than no more 700-900 km . ps. personally for me i don't care because i have the whole map discovered 100%.
  3. that is not the first time when u give me this impression escuse me if i`m wrong but, u wrote your own posts and from that i concluded that u like to drive on empty roads !... for example i also try to avoid calais and duisburg, but if i have a job in Dusseldorf for example ... i think that's the most crowded city... usually when the server is full there are between 127-150 ppl in that city, i let the cargo and after continue with another job, but not before to be blocked by others when i exit the companies...and as a conclusion that doesn't mean that i like to drive alone, especially at 90 or 110km/h.
  4. @FernandoCR [ESP] u said : Every other jobs don't use the infamous road by default, so it's easy to play for lots of hours, driving thousands of Km and have no "accidents". And empty roads, I only see on the further areas of DLC maps. and from that post i assume u drive alone on the roads and u like to drive where are less ppl in your area.
  5. @FERNANDO[ESP] from your point of view you like to drive solo on the roads as u said empty roads... this is not what we want.. we want the experience of overtaking somebody to catch somebody from behind if u take that thing of fun that we can overtake somebody... and i mean if u go slow with 110km/h u will not overtake anyone; u will not catch anyone; u will drive alone on the empty roads .... there's no fun and thats just boring and u know it .... u are talking that u are driving on empty roads remember that in real life as u said that u want to play realism, there are at every street cars/trucks on roads, and if i don't have nothing don't u think thats boring?.... hopefully they will think more and they will put collisions on one arcade server because for now this is just lame.
  6. @Hecki_Stafman do u have the graphics with players from this week ?
  7. oh so we are dumb ... ok ps... why are u confused... u say that u are smart, than that means we are dumb this is my impression after u say your last quote.... escuse me but i think u are supercilious and arrogant.
  8. @Arradinnow that u are a community moderator ... and so, i know that u agree with the last update because, i know that last week or so u weren't a moderator ( veteran iv) ... thats a fact now that u have a membership over, u should be more or less upvote with everything we say if u judge us for wanting something that we in our opinion think is necessary, that doesn't mean that we speak the truth or we are dumb right? If u think u or others think u are smart for being a little bit upminded then u are mistaken.
  9. @Baerenhaartthe fact is that this is not all the community that u speak of 35 pages this is just one part and that doesn't mean that all part of the community or most part agrees with the new changes... there are over 10.000 users here i can assure u not everyone spoke thei opinion and they never will because they are not forum players... if u watch the last days on the server u can observe a decrease of players .... and thats not going to change .... because its like in communism u cannot obliged someone to play something forced..., so many of the players move on to play another game and forget about ets 2 mp .. because actual rules are not ok ... thats a fact.
  10. i know that but with this rule changed everything ... and not in a good course, i mean its decreasing players and so on.
  11. if u look in the last days u will see a player decrease overall..
  12. @arradin tell us why are u so confused?....
  13. if they do this, i don't know how it will be, or maybe i know because it would be second time when we would have ncz everywhere if u remember in the end of 2014 and begining of 2015 it was ncz everywhere, but at that time it was because they worked on ncz inside the companies and so on ... but in our case i think it will be diffrent and all of the players will scream " we want collisions and so on... i think the players will not take this so ez
  14. @FernandoCR [ESP]i don't think they will want to make ncz on all servers just look on arcade 1 without collisions and its empty why do u think that is?.. if they will apply for collisions on arcade 1 u will see that in time most of the players will go on one of the arcade servers ... by nature we don't like to be controlled i mean us humans... i would support that ideea tobe all servers ncz because in that manner everyone wouldn't have nothing to comment i think... maybe they will ask for collisions but just that.
  15. @FernandoCR [ESP] i was waiting for u to say something, so i can give u the proof , and i remember this because i bought the game specially for the multipplayer mod. the 90 km/h limit i think it was at begining of 2015 because at the end of 2014 it was no collision zones everywhere i post a video about that in a previous page same topic. and i know that story ... because they did 3 or 4 times this game change ps. regarding the report system in that period it was with the /report comand and it was the worse of them all .. because i told u in a previous post someone report u without video and the admin would of take action.
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