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  1. Problem: No connection with the servers

    While you are in Task Manager see if Delivery Service Optimisation is running as this will take up any bandwidth it can to download updates and things. If this is a real issue and your on windows 10 go to the wifi icon and click it Click on your network and select properties Scroll Down and Check the box that says metered connection. This stops any non essential updates downloading from a wifi network. However, once you have finished remember to uncheck the box so that you will get updates else you won't. Hope this helps in freeing up the bandwidth a bit.
  2. Game rollbacks, Game change detected

    Is this a constant problem? Or is it happening on each time you play?
  3. Whats your most used truck [ Veterans Only ] Topic

    Over a million miles on the clock on my Scania Streamline and Scania R before the streamline came out. Now the next gen one will soon join that band of 1 million miles xD
  4. Traffic Warning System

    Thing is as has been said before how hard is it to implement?
  5. Driveable AI traffic cars

    Not so sure. Its been suggested before and turned down with reasons that go beyond TMP's control I think. Also, would end up having to reduce the server size to cope with the extra traffic and processing power of synchronizing them all?
  6. Clearer Name Tags

    Would be a good idea. Especially for those who may be color blind or have trouble seeing certain colors.
  7. TruckersMP #PrayForManchester Convoy 28/05/2017

    DAF truck with UK flag paint job May they rest in peace....
  8. restrict heavy hauls for cd road (upcoming dlc)

    -1 as many have said above you can wait to maneuver if you need to. Also if people are using it to troll then they will be kicked/banned also it is near enough the same length as a normal trailer (Due to steering axels) so I really don't see this as an issue.
  9. Picture Of The Month April Edition! Rip my scania...
  10. Stutter (Pretty sure its the Autosave)

    It fixed the issue changing the save format. I did also find a manual update on my nividia driver. Could have been either of those. Thanks @Sentinel_ for your fix. And thank you to all who helped during the process. Really appreciated it. Topic can be locked now.
  11. Stutter (Pretty sure its the Autosave)

    My computer is better than my last one yet it is still doing this. MSI with 16gb of RAM and I7 intel processor with Nivida Geforce 975m in it. Really annoying then.... Thanks for all your help guys. Do let me know if anything else crops up that might help.
  12. Stutter (Pretty sure its the Autosave)

    Tried that @Taylor<3 and drivers are up to date as i can be. @Sentinel_ didn't think of that. Thank you very much for that idea. Update just run the optimization and it already said ok. And last 8 days ago it did it as well and said the same. Just about to test now but this is image from it: Just been and tested it and it still suttered when saving... not for quite as long as it used to but still long enough to cause a crash if people ignore my tag warning them of it... Can i just say could it be to do with this?
  13. Hi all, Been having this stutter that's started in the last month or two every time the game auto saves I think and have been searching on ways to fix it to no avail. I have tried deleting all my previous saves (Until i feel its no longer safe to remove them) and i have removed some of my fleet of trucks which brought it down to around 220 trucks. However, this has not changed for awhile now. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks guys in advance,
  14. Truckersmp download infected

    Hi, Norton claims that the truckersmp has a heuristic virus on it and refuses to let me install. Could anyone shed some light on this please? Whitelodge
  15. New server ETS2: Freeroam

    Rip traffic jams