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  1. Whitelodge's post in [ANSWERED] [EM] Question about Events in TruckersMP was marked as the answer   
    We have various hunts throughout the year. For example last year we had the Easter egg hunt and the Halloween ghost hunt. Both of these had the opportunity to win prizes. Be sure to look out for our upcoming evnets this year! 
    If you wanted to make your own you could use the arcade servers which are safer for people if they are racing to find locations.
  2. Whitelodge's post in [ANSWERED] Convoys was marked as the answer   
    Hello Chrisxxs,
    We usually schedule at least one official convoy each month. Then Truckers.FM usually host one monthly as well. A long with the multitude of the community events that occur.
    In fact we actually had a convoy last weekend: https://truckersmp.com/event-request/490    next month will be on ATS as we swap each month between ETS2 and ATS.
    I hope this helps.
  3. Whitelodge's post in [ANSWERED] [event managers} event questions was marked as the answer   
    Hello Geology Rocks 3,
    Below I have answered each question sepearetly:
    If people have ideas for any events people are more than welcome to submit a feedback ticket (truckersmp.com/feedback) under the event management section outlining their idea. We are always open to suggestions. There are a few limitations regarding using Pro Mods at present. 
    We look on the calendar on the website (The already booked event servers)  and check to see if any other events are occuring on the day so we can try to avoid clashes. Then we ensure the relevant people are available before booking the event. Baring in mind they are at least 2 a month.
    I hope this satisfies your question.
  4. Whitelodge's post in [ANSWERED] Planning Events was marked as the answer   
    Hello HomerSimpson16,
    Most events have their date scheduled months in advance and their respective servers are booked. These can be seen on here: https://truckersmp.com/event-request under the name of "TruckersMP Official"
    In terms of actually planning the events the length depends on what the event is as said in the question. A rough estimate would be:
    Real Operations = Around 3 months to plan and coordinate.
    Racing Championships = Around 1.5 months to plan and coordinate.
    Convoys = 3 weeks to prepare for and announce. 
    I know many people love our Real Operations events and would love to see more of them. So would we but we are limited in how many we can do due to their sheer scale of preparation that's needed for them to work smoothly. 
    I hope this answers your question
  5. Whitelodge's post in [ANSWERED] [Event Team] New events was marked as the answer   
    Hello [Интегра] ResTed,
    We are trying to provide a wide range of events available for users to experience. Events focussing on driver skill is an area we are exploring (outside of the racing championship). There is an issue at present where the throughput of these events is relatively low and thus many of the community wouldn't be abe to take part which is a key limitation as we would like as many to take part as possible.
    We do understand that normal convoys can be fairly repetitive and we are looking for different ways to be unique given the resources we have at our disposal.
    We are always welcome to suggestions which can be submitted under the event management on the feedback system (found here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback ) 
    I hope this satisfys your question.
  6. Whitelodge's post in Car/Truck stops itself? was marked as the answer   
    Hello tom1motorstorm,
    Just a quick question what controller are you using @tom1motorstorm is it a G29 or G920? If so there is something that I read where the wires that thread for the buttons on the main wheel can rub the insulation off and cause them to press unexpectedly which is what that looks like. In which case it may mean that you have to send off your wheel for repairs. I hope this helps.
    A way to test this would be to remove the key binds from the buttons and just leave the steering and pedals only.
    Kind regards,

  7. Whitelodge's post in How to get mods? was marked as the answer   
    First off welcome to TruckersMP! Nice to have you,
    Mods are not compatible with TruckersMP as the whole community that plays would need to download that mod in order for the system to work. However, there are some added things (That are compatible) like this sound mod:
    and some additional customization packs like this:
     There are also many additional trailer packs and multiplayer additions here:
    Hope this helps your endeavors,
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