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  1. Quite impressed with your questions as well as the answers you gave others to vote on. I have no problem with questions 1 and 2, however, after looking at your list above of online GMs as well as your question 3, I hope TruckersMP can improve on having more GM/admins online more. I also understand that all Staff work in their free time, however, all players feel very good when they see GMs online on the server, not necessarily driving on this road but being able to see they control CD road in traffic jam areas
  2. We will understand that, as time goes on, everything will develop more than before, and of course, so will ETS2 and ATS or TruckersMP. I still remember Rotterdam a few years ago when the traffic jam lasted for hours, I still remember the road Oslo - Bergen was always controlled by Admins (GMs today) when Double Trailer was just launched on TruckersMP. However, you can see these popular today at TruckersMP. Previously, there were many suggestions for TruckersMP Team to add for players and today, TruckersMP has done the best for players by developing not only one but all aspects. Therefore, it is impossible to compare with before when it is clear that at the present time TruckersMP has developed much more.
  3. I don't have any problems with driving cars, sometimes, when you have driven too much with trucks, you can switch to driving cars and chill on beautiful roads. However, at the present time, there will be many people complaining about players using and driving cars inappropriately on CD road when more than 50% of accidents are caused by players driving cars. But it will depend on the driver as well as those who follow the rules. There are players who can drive cars on this road for hours and days and nothing happens. It's also a good thing that TruckersMP has added cars to the game as cars (more precisely Skoda car) are very useful for events on TruckersMP today.
  4. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. 😉 


  5. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  6. Happy Birthdayyy <333 

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