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  1. Twilight_Sparkle

    Removing Gravatar support

    So a cloud storage for a picture then?
  2. Having A very nice drive with @xXBlazieXx <3

    And I put my tuck to bed and a quiet place, the M4 service station. so Goodnight TMP.


  3. Twilight_Sparkle

    Removing Gravatar support

    What even was gravatar? Cause I just added a picture to my profile and that was it.
  4. Twilight_Sparkle

    TruckersMP 5 Year Anniversary - Events

    Wish I joined that early XDDDDDDDD.
  5. Twilight_Sparkle

    TruckersMP 5 Year Anniversary - Events

    I agree eu2 normally gets queues and that's got 4,200 players. 1000 players probably wont be enough as I remember the real opps servers. If you didn't get in them as soon as the server opened you would ether be waiting ages or you never get in to do the event. Hopefully if they realise that 1000 slots wont be enough and a very large queue. They will add more slots. As the server is only up for 5 days anyways.
  6. Twilight_Sparkle

    TruckersMP 5 Year Anniversary - Events

    I cant wait for the eu5 freeroam server. There will be so much chaos and fun @Digital how big will this server be?
  7. Twilight_Sparkle

    Easter Egg Hunt 2019 - Results!

    GG to @UndeadxLegendsand @Vampire for coming 12th and 6th :FeelsWowMan: Well done to the winners. I only joined at the end of the event for the fun at the end, cause I personally hate ATS trucks. If it's done again next year on ETS I'm gonna be there for sure. Maybe @Digitalhas something in mind, who knows .
  8. Twilight_Sparkle

    Easter Egg Hunt - 21 April 2019

    I saw some funny moment fail videos last year. It was so fun I did a bit of it. @Digital are players allowed to use cars? as I for one don't really like the turning circles of ATS trucks and would preferably like to drive a car.
  9. Congratulations on getting GML:D

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you! <3

  10. Twilight_Sparkle

    Winter mod is now available!

    @ScaniaFan89 That is like SO NOT true, I use both the winter base mod and the heavy because of how beautiful it is. The Drift part is just optional. You say that winter is over, it's not trust me, In the UK we can have snow as late as April. Btw I don't see anyone else complaining about the mod.
  11. Twilight_Sparkle

    Winter mod is now available!

    If 1.34 comes out and grimes updates the mod will they keep winter mod for a bit longer. Cause apparently 1.34 is out today.
  12. unknown.png

    They Look so cool.

  13. Twilight_Sparkle

    [SCS Blog] International Christmas Gifts Delivery Event 2018

    Oooof This is gonna be a hard event luckily I'm off next week so I'm gonna do all 24 jobs. I am definitely up for the challenge.