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  1. New DirectX integration - this is what matters in this update. Hope it will greatly increase the performance.
  2. Is the meaning of the game is to get in scenery? By the way, I was testing this system with new tester few hours ago, he said AI was acting better the 95% of C-D drivers. He was trying to crash into me - AI prevented all crashes. I think this means a lot about it`s safety
  3. Yea, I try to make the AI act as fast as a normal human do, then I`ll let it cross the C-D all by itself, hope it will do well ;D
  4. Mostly - simulate driving. But aren`t you interested in what will the AI do in some "troll" situations? We will test it in some driving conditions, but for relax we can do some funny things with it
  5. It`s not just an autopilot and it`s purpose isn`t to deliver cargoes in-game.
  6. Hello dear truckers! I`m developing an autonomous driving system for trucks, it`s my university project. It`s SAE automation level 5 now, so I need to proof it`s safety. I need anyone who can at least drive a vehicle in TMP :D and can speak English or Russian. All you need is to help me testing self-driving system`s features - simulate road situations, suggest new features and ideas or modify existing ones. No developers are required now, but we really need some testers! You may bring your friends, so we can test some interesting and uncommon situations that may happen with this system. If you`re interested in testing an Autonomous Driving Vehicle - just message me in Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/pcskill For additional info ask me right here, in this topic.
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