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  1. As I mentioned in my original post [^] you just need to play with AI in coop. You launch your game session, command AI to join, it joins and then you test stuff.
  2. I'm planning on testing for as long as the project is in development.
  3. Hello! Yes, the topic name is correct - I work on an AI for SnowRunner. The project itself is started back in 2020 after a few months since this game has been released, now the AI is already capable of almost everything you need to do in SnowRunner like delivering cargoes, discovering the map and doing the tasks. Right now I need some people to help me testing this AI by simply playing with it in coop. The requirements are: 1) Be at least 14 years old 2) Speak English 3) Own a licensed copy of SnowRunner, it's required to be able to play in COOP 4) No software testing e
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