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  1. saw a double trailer earlier in Calais,  asked how he got one to Calais he said to buy "Beyond The Baltic Sea" so i bought it and i already had Scandinavian installed,, Does this mean i can take a trailer from Scandinavian or Baltic sea to Calais ?
    i don't see and double trailers in Baltic sea

    1. Positivetrucking168


      Hello there Stuart,


      You can take a double trailer to Calais, this is to allow drivers without DLCs to cross to and from the UK, however doubles and double trailer HCTs are not allowed on C-D road and in parts of Germany and France as well as the entirety of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.


      More information can be found here:


      And by the way, just to clarify, you do already have the option to take doubles if you have the Scandinavia DLC installed, the option to take HCTs require the Baltic DLC because these can only be taken from Finland. 




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