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  1. https://truckersmp.com/recruitment
  2. Have tried you resetting your password?
  3. I built my own computer and to be honest it really isn't that hard. The nice thing about building your own computer is you can completely customise the specification yourself depending on your needs. If your thinking about building one then this is the best website for checking all the parts are compatible: https://pcpartpicker.com/ Hope this helped. My PC Specs which work very nicely on ETS and for editing videos: Processor: Intel Core i5 6500 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1060 3GB RAM: 16GB DDR3 Storage: 128GB Toshiba SSD, 2TB Tosiba HDD Fans: Corsair Air Series AF120 Quiet Edition High AirflowFan Case: Corsair Carbide Series 100R
  4. Hast du versucht, auf dieser Seite auf deine Einstellungen bei TruckersMP zu gehen und eigene Spiele zu checken?
  5. I see why TruckersMP did put the global speed limiter on. The amount of trolls that this will remove and people will drive a lot more sensibly now I personally think it is a good idea.
  6. Нажмите L на клавиатуре и включите фары. Тогда вас не ударят.
  7. Do you get your loads off the Freight Market page? I believe if you get them off the external contracts page it restricts you to 55mph. I might be wrong though.
  8. I'm sure if you send the admins the video they will be able to sort it out. Their new system is really good. Meme
  9. Congratulations Prototype 

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