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  1. My steering wheel broke, I think that I will have yo buy a new one 

  2. I just uploadod a new video, go check it out


    1. _ FlawLess _

      _ FlawLess _

      lol what was that lag all about the day was crazy and nice video XD

  3. Today I decided to drive a scania on ets2mp, It was awfull, it was always loosing traction

    1. Jacrispyxd


      Hater :angry: just kidding everybody has their own preferences!

  4. today i made a report and for a strage reason it got duplicated 


    1. C?nnell


      At least yours isn't claimed with the status 'New' after 2 days..

    2. DarthPlays[MEX]


      Update: it got claimed in just 30 minutes.

  5. yesterday´s convoy with friendsdescarga_2.jpg

    1. SuRtur


      Very nice! :)

  6. so tell me guys is this a mic issue or the person did it on purpose?

    (warning headphone users)


    1. Blackmyst


      More than most likely the person had an issue with their mic. IF they did that on purpose I also wouldn't be surprised :-P

  7. Now everyting seems to be uptated, happy trucking 

  8. I feel a bit lucky that my ETS2 and my ATS didnt update, i saw they were on the line on steam but i cancelled it, it feels so odd having just 217 players at this moment in ETS EU2 I hope the truckersmp team updates it soon.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DarthPlays[MEX]


      and only 11 players in ats us

    3. Zovonic


      HAHA I just noticed! RIP ats it must feel so lonely!

    4. Fezz98


      Atleast the roads are nice and quiet for a change. :P


  9. Imagine if SCS woul not only make a trucking simulator about Europe and USA, imagine if they would make a worldwide truck simulator it would be great to also have a multiplayer of that,trucking around the world is very interesting.

    1. krypto_one


      scs cant make every country of the world..... it would take a long time to make russia for example....

      it would take scs like over 40 years

  10. I can´t wait for tomorrow´s Better Call Saul season 3, also this reminds me of the upcoming new mexico state DLC on American Truck Simulator. when is that DLC coming out?


  11. Good luck to everyone that is aplying for a moderator team, i have seen a lot of people in the forums that do really deserve to be moderators
    ES: Mucha suerte a todos los que van a mandar su formulario para el reclutamiento de moderadores, hay mucha gente en los foros que se merece ser moderador/a 

  12. Buying the scandinavia DLC was totally woth it :):tmp:




  13. happy birthday !!!!:):tmp: hope you are having a good day

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