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  1. Happy Birthday! I wish you a pleasant game!

  2. El tiempo de cambios son 30 días y es porque la gente que hacía ban evading se cambiaba muchas veces el nombre en un dia para que no los encuentren, con los cambios limitados es mas fácil encontrarlos
  3. My steering wheel broke, I think that I will have yo buy a new one 

  4. I just uploadod a new video, go check it out


    1. _ FlawLess _

      _ FlawLess _

      lol what was that lag all about the day was crazy and nice video XD

  5. no es nada, se desactivan los vehiculos de inteligencia artificial em el mp
  6. Today I decided to drive a scania on ets2mp, It was awfull, it was always loosing traction

    1. Jacrispyxd


      Hater :angry: just kidding everybody has their own preferences!

  7. today i made a report and for a strage reason it got duplicated 


    1. C?nnell


      At least yours isn't claimed with the status 'New' after 2 days..

    2. DarthPlays[MEX]


      Update: it got claimed in just 30 minutes.

  8. yesterday´s convoy with friendsdescarga_2.jpg

    1. SuRtur


      Very nice! :)

  9. la verdad te hubieras quedado en tu carril, si te choca lo reportas, ibas muy rápido en C-D y ademas no veo que hayas intentado frenar
  10. hi, can someone please tell me at what time wil the race be? if so could you please tell the time zone
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