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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. problem sovled guys thanks for all ur replys hes fixed it and found the problem witch was his name had 2 be the same as his tmp name and its now fixed
  4. heres his profile page on this https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/profile/22581-flying-scotsman/ if that helps and his characters in his name is the a bit different on his tmp account
  5. and thanks for replying [CJ OWNER] ccowie25
  6. hey cj owneer he has hes tried other sites and even another pc just 2 try it still not working he said he had this problem before and it finally worked after a while but this times its been like that for months and months hes no clue how 2 fix
  7. Hey guys my friend has had a problem for ages when hes trying to login on this site truckersmp forums it comes up with an error and a message sayingsomething went wrong try again and a code as in the sceenshot he sent me 2 put up for help all his details are correct and right including his pass and usernames etc any help on how he can fix it thanks XD
  8. Killua // Ireland a i agree that makes the game more realistic with cars really but a dont have much problems with the cars part from the people that drives them the cars r good if every1 would respect them more and the servers if there gna make a new server for that reason then fair play 2 them ave been on that new server but didnt seem normal as any other server does ma opinion though. anyway safe driving
  9. hey guys my friend is having trouble logging into his ets2 mp forums on this site it comes up with (sorry there was a error please try again) and then an error code any suggestions its been like that for months he cant figure out on how to fix it thanks XD

  10. Hey guys sorry it took ages 2 reply back to this but yes the crashing in game has been fixed my pal waited for about 10 minutes then it worked so thanks to the guys that replied to me about this problem
  11. ok will let the guys know and see what they say and thanks for the reply XD
  12. Hey guys a know most of your ETS2MP is working but a know a few guys that are having issues with it for example when they try to cancel a job the game crashes or if they have to f7 the game crashes and even sleeping or using ferry no matter what they do it still crashes anyone got ideas on how to fix it theres no mods on the game as far as ave been told XD
  13. Hi guys hws ur day all been XD

    1. KevinP


      Meh, pretty crap, you?

    2. _ FlawLess _
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