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  1. In order to receive the items from completing the Winter Event, you have to log into your World of Trucks account and look at your inbox. You will see mail titled, Tier 1 and Teir 2 prizes. There you can link over to your Steam account and be awarded the Steam items, which are the prizes you will receive in-game. That is when you will find them available for customizing your truck.
  2. Congratulations both @HapengCat and @Riley [EN-US].
  3. Lately everyone in my VTC and myself has been experiencing serious server lag since the update for the Heavy Haul DLC. I have also heard others talking about it as well. This lag that we are experiencing is located on the US server. Yesterday afternoon and into this morning, also currently being tested, myself and others have been using other servers to see if the lag is there as well and we are not experiencing it. I think, and of course I may be wrong, that the US server may need a reset. If it isn't to much of a hassle or inconvenience, is there any way the US server can be reset?
  4. The reasoning for this is lag. Your computer is trying to process all the information it is receiving and display it on the screen for you to see on top of however many other players that are around as well. There are a few small things you can change if you haven't already that can help and that is turning off Player Flags and Cabin Accessories. This won't make a really big difference but it might help. Other than that it is a good chance it is your CPU trying to keep up meaning that if possible upgrade your CPU to see a larger difference.
  5. There are multiple reasons to having more than one server. 1. Location: The location of the server provides a better gaming experience to people based on their location. The closer they are to the server the lower their ping. That is why when you play on a server that is outside of your country results in a higher ping for yourself. 2. Language: The different servers allows those that speak different languages to play with those that speak the same language. Although this does not mean that everyone on that server speaks the same language it better the chances of this. 3. The amount of players: Having multiple servers allow more people to play. Having to many people on one server can cause server wide lag and eventually server crashes. If it was only one server the chances that more people would play together would end up being lower unfortunately. Maybe in the future those who support these servers will be able to invest in larger and faster server workstations which would support better quality responses and better gaming experiences for everyone but unfortunately better server workstations are not cheap. Being that TruckersMP is a free service those who support these servers should be commended. Not many people would be willing to spend their own money and time to provide services to others for no charge. On another hand just have some patience with ATS, as new states, vehicles, and vehicle accessories are introduced more people would be willing to play in in comparison to ETS2.
  6. I had the same issue once, no viruses on my computer but once I restarted the computer the problem went away. *I think it finished some Window's updates with the restart as well*
  7. Once you have done as Mirko9 has said make sure you go to your Downloads page and make sure that ETS2 is updating. Sometimes it will not update automatically and you have to manually start it.
  8. I have been having the same issue and rock a set up similar to yours. I do not believe that it is our computers that is causing the issue but what did help me stay more consistent was disabling other drivers flags and cabin accessories. You don't see those anyway.
  9. After the recent TruckersMP update are you still having the issue?
  10. You can also try disabling other drivers flags and cabin accessories. You can't even see those anyway and for every one truck your game has to load it can sometimes have to load a dozen accessories. Multiply that by 1000 people and you've got a ton of lag.
  11. How long did you stay stuck in that position? did you exit the game relatively quickly after experiencing it? The thing with ETS2 for TruckersMP is there is always A LOT going on in the game. Usually there is over 1000 people playing it all at one time. That being said the first time you load the game or teleport to a garage or something of the sort your game will freeze for a moment. Depending on the type of computer you use you may experience a longer period of the computer being frozen but yet the computer itself is not frozen. That is why you can hear the game but nothing is happening on screen. Trying waiting it out. See if the game comes to after a few minutes or so.
  12. Unfortunately there is nothing anyone can do to prevent people from acting out of line. It is an annoying issue that you will come across on any game that's online. I like to call those who cause misfortune to others Trolls. Other than trying to avoid heavily crowded areas which will almost always guarantee you damage you can use cheat engines that prevent you from ever getting any damage. Just as long as you don't use it to troll others of course. Just go to YouTube and type in ETS2 no damage. the first video will help, has all the links and info you need.
  13. There was another small update that I installed today. Did your installer install the latest updates?
  14. Once you opt out of beta you have to go to downloads and ensure that the game is downloading the updated version of the game. You can usually see downloading or downloads at the bottom of the Steam window or you can see it at the bottom of the drop menu for Library. In there you should see ETS2 waiting for you to being the download.
  15. I believe this issue is caused by your game being out of date. Make sure that your game, ETS2, is completely up-to-date in Steam before trying again.
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