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  1. if you are looking a Guide on How to get recruited by the TMP Staff : 1)you have to earn their trust in you... ( that mean not getting ban.. is the best way to get it. ) 2) Here you have a complete Guide : and if you have more question.. dont hesitate to ask the support team. i wish this answer your question ? Kehox
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    it -28C... =.=

  3. Kehox

    2018 flashback

    Really nice article by Prime, it well cover 2018 ( honnorable mention would be Charity Event : https://truckersmp.com/blog/92 ) and Community contributor content ( https://truckersmp.com/blog/80 ) that have been in 2018. i wish good luck to TMP Staff's and more changes,additions,mayby more contents for 2019
  4. Kehox

    VS Game

    since the first choice is kinda wierd ( depend what/wich kind of pills)(whatever.. ) .. ill go with : Headphones Monster Energy : Green Vs Red Vs blue ...
  5. unban BlackSkill because you are a great person ^^ and you have 3822 reputation so you are reputed
  6. you know at 5 am, your profil picture is soo wierd ( i wear glasses, and i dont have good vision xD ) , all in all it wierd....but i like it ^^ not the dog .. XD
  7. the rumour of TMP : that the ban system would change and be something like this : 5th ban is perma ( -1 comapre to actual 6) , certain rules be reviews and be more clear and straight on what is worth or not to report with video exemple of different situation, previous ban would be review in case by case for each players, and adapted on everyone actual record.. ) , that eu2 hit 5000 players in a server with enoughs admins to cover critical area ( C-D,Paris,Duisberg,Dusseldorf etc.... )( mayby we never know it could happen , that would be aweosme. ) the game with an auto censor filter ( or word filter that doesnt show it to all ), for certain word obvious that should not be said ( chat abuse and all cap message with insult ) , having a more dynamic website with real time alert and when server are down, or patch or special events or add-on or recruitements, etc.... or mayby i am crazy and this is just a rumour.. so not taking this seriously......
  8. banned Lukiskywalker because i saw you in almost all games topic, as last post..
  9. my 2018 was like 2017 not awesome but not bad.. it could have been worst.. my 2019 : looking forward to build a pc with my intel I7 7700k 4.2 GH.z 8mb cache cpu ( the only part i have ).. and doing some training next summer to keep in shape...( something like going outside a bite more )..
  10. gamophobia i think i suffer of this .. xD
  11. cant sleep soo forum games until i feel sleepy..
  12. i own an iphone it is a better product.. would you want to be rich and famous ?
  13. doing C-D road with the winter mod( winter,physic and heavy, 3 files).. isnt the problem... it is the driver who driver above 80 km/h and overtake everything and everyones. the mod do nothing else than give some realism to the game and i am really happy to have it and use it. other drivers need to take thiere distance and be respectfull at each others and no problem will happen... ( i alway keep 50/70meters between me and the driver infront ) .. you take the risk with the addition ( mod ) to mayby ( potential ) to be banned if you are recklessly driving ( overspeeding and ramming and overtaking others drivers) so you will be punish if you use it in a way to put others players in danger or risk of accident. " srry winter mod " in my opinion this isnt a reason to be reckless, or an excuse to justify your action that could make you be banned..you as a player accepted to use the mod and if you get recorded then to bad for you...
  14. Salut emeric698, pourrait essayer ceci voir si sa peut t'aider a règler ton problème ?.. 1) Fermer TruckersMP Launcher ( vérifie aussi avec le Gestionaire des tâches au besoin ) 2) avoir Steam ouvert et clique droit sur Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Propriétés - Fichier Locaux 3) clique sur Vérifier L'intégrité des fichiers du jeux... 4) tu attend que la vérification soit terminer ( sa se peut que le jeux re telecharge certain fichier )... 5) Tu ouvre TruckersMP Launcher ( avec clique droit et lancer en tant qu'administrateur ) .. 6) Fait F1, et clique sur Install available updates. ( sa peut prendre un certain temps.. ) ensuite ta que a relancer le jeux et voir si tu as encore le meme problème.. si oui alors revien nous dire ton résulta.. ici tu as aussi plus d'information au besoin : (section 1 Fatal Error ) Bonne Journée Kehox
  15. ""j ai etait dans propriete de beta j ai mi aucun et kan je lance sa me demande toujour "" Salut,sylvain6217 je suis curieux de savoir si ton probleme persiste ou non ?... si tu peut essayer ceci : 1) assure toi d'avoir TruckersMP Launcher fermé ( ctrl + alt + Delete et tu vas ouvrir ton gestionaire de tache au besoin). 2) click droit sur TruckersMP ( le launcher du jeu ) Exécuter en tant qu'administrateur. ( et tu confirme que oui ) 3) Appui sur F1 ( les mise a jour vont apparaitre sur le launcher Euro Truck Simulator 2 , Americain Truck Simulator , System ) 4) Appui sur Install Available Updates ( sa peut prendre un certain temp a faire ) Si sa ne marche pas tu as aussi cette solution : https://truckersmp.com/download 1) click en bas a droite : Download client installer (.zip) 2) click droit sur dossier : launcher_1004 ( extraire tout ici, dépend de ou tu a placer ton download moi je les mit sur mon bureau ) ( ya juste 1 fichier qui vas être extrait ) 3) Install TruckersMP ( click droit dessus et éxecuter en tant qu'administrateur ) 4) suit les étapes d'installation habituel... ( peut prendre quelque minutes ).... si tu peut me partager ton résulta final après cela, sa serai génial. on attend ta réponse voir si ton problème est résolu Bonne journée Kehox
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