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  1. Go in Job Market -- after click Freight Market -- ( Sort by : ) Cargo Weight ( up ) ( more lightweight ) .. the caravan isnt available everywhere .. sometime you have to sleep or rest in a parking or drive in a different city or country... to be able to see them... and in last resort if they are still not show up ... reset your economy ( only if they arent showing after follow my previous step )
  2. * can you make a picture with : '' 1) How to leave the gas station. '' 1.1 ) How to enter the gas stationC-D(as exemple ) ( for each direction where enter and not enter/ wrong way enter or wrong way leaving..) btw nice job and thank you..
  3. -1 ... if you cant have a decent pc spec to play the game without glitching/buggin/laggin... that is your problem... and personally i like have the control of my truck by my own.. ( i mean that if i want my bacon on or off it my choice and not a script choice ) .. if you have buy the DLC special transport ( wich offer more light *( LED Light )* to install on your truck front/side/rear part ) is it the same thing as beacon.... ? since they are LED light and are always flashing... soo befor enforcing beacon script.. ( i think it more a problem from the person/group of person.. who askin it.. wich have the real problem ) .. Really for a sec i was sure the post was a joke... but i seen alot of answer and ill give my 2 cent of salt here.... if really beacon make you lag... then just get a better pc.
  4. Hey bonne fête :) .. 



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      Merci l'ami! ^-^

  5. Srry im not voting this troll poll !! it sooo obvious that those option will be selected massively and + many troll can use multiple account to vote ... ! Option: fixeverywhere - No, it should be available everywhere. Option: fixnocooldown - No cooldown. Option: fixnodamage - No limits. this is a troll poll ... without me voting, i can complain on it.. if you voted then you agreed or you are a troll.. to get this troll command. sadly truckersmp recently bad decision lead to this troll **** poll... -1 for the idea of the poll question !!! that my opinion you have the right to get your... but this is sooo childish as command ! #GetThisOutOfEU2
  6. Keep out no dmg mod and any sort of hack(restricted mod) out of this game ( would be the easiest way to fix this problem ) ... about the /fix ... we are just adding a leg to the troll to troll even more ... wich lead to have more troll whos are trolling.... leave EU2 with no mod, no hack , no speed hack , no ncz , no /fix ... problem solved ! No Hack No NCZ mod No dmg mod No /Fix if you want a load of **********mod/command to abuse then : 1) play singleplayer 2) ask to get a server ( dedicated ) for this purpose ( where the no dmg , ncz , speed hack , /fix are allowed only there )
  7. ^ Gouttfi .. ses sure que si tu joue seulement dans les villes peuplé ( Calais , duisburg ..etc .. ) tu doit t'attendre a voir des troll peut importe le serveur que tu sera ... sa toujours été comme sa.. ( sa reste un jeu ) et ses pas tous le monde qui est mature ou adulte... Cela dit sa veut pas dire que parce que quelqu'un te fonce dessus qu'il est un troll.. sa arrive les accidents/Desynch du jeu... Si on renforce les règles qui son très stric et clair sa pourrait juste augmenter le travaille des admins ( report in game + Forum report ... ) Si tu trouve que tu te fait troller et que sa te dérange tu peut aussi '' Enregistrer '' ( Rec ) le/la/les Trolls en question et les reports. Si tu veut avoir plus de RP possible alors Eu1 ( qui est simulation, qui se raproche plus du roleplay possible.. ) Sinon ta EU 3/5 qui eu n'ont pas de Voiture ( Skoda ) qui limite les joueurs au camion seulement et EU4 qui est NCZ ( non-collision/freeroam ) qui fait que tu te fait pas foncer dessus et tu peut roleplay assez bien sans frustration. Que proposerai tu comme changement ?? moi perso je pense qu'ils y a assez de serveur avec des avantages et certain avec des inconvénients et que les règlements sont bien adapté pour que sa soit juste et équitable.
  8. Salut pour faire une réponse courte... *oui*... tu peut **passer sur une lumière rouge** ( *** Si tu cause un accident pendant que tu passe sur la dite lumière rouge, tu risque un ban parce que tu oblige les autres joueur a changer de direction quand tu na pas la prioriter *** ) a propos de la vitesse ( Exemple Serveur EU2 ) .. ta pas de limite de vitesse en quand tu te promène sans '' Trailler '' ( remorque / cargo ... ) ( si je me trompe pas max speed ses genre 130 140 150 km/h ) est-ce que réelement sa vaut la peine d'aller a cette vitesse ??? non .. question de sécurité et que si tu cause un accident tu peut être banni ... mes si tu conduit a haute vitesse et tu maintien pas ta ligne.... ( ta voie )et que tu conduit tout croche alors.. tu peut être kick ou ban pour reckless driving ( conduite dangeureuse ) Mes si tu prend une livraison ( External contract ) tu sera limiter a 90 km/h avec ou sans limiteur de vitesse dans tes option '' in game '' .. en jeu.. Calais - Duisburg il tes interdit de te parker sur le coté de la route si ya un gros '' flow '' de traffic (si ya beaucoup de monde ).. pour plus de réponse a tes question ici tu aura la liste des règlements : https://truckersmp.com/rules ( en anglais ) ( au besoin je peut te les traduire ).. si tu a d'autres question hésite pas a les poser
  9. Kehox

    2018 Année Bonne

    ouain.. bonne année a tous..
  10. OHH just Finish '' World Of Trucks '' 12 delivery ... Get my rewards


    Go to a garage to apply my new paint job ( Crystal Dimension ) ... get insta kick from the server .....

  11. The Grinch is gettin fun with the server and make sure that christmas is ruined ... !
  12. ^ i dont agree with what you said Mike, i make good report, and they still get decline saying that i'm a useless traffic , but the real perpetrator who making a traffic jam leaving his trailer , blocking , wrong way and ramming .... etce etc etc .. get free ! soo that is total not true, you have your opinion and i have mine and that is fine, we will not talk about ban and report here because it doesnt have it place here and it not usefull at all for no one.... many admin making wierd call on ban and report and that isnt fair for anyone actually. Befor blaming players , sometime ill would blame the administration team on there Decline report and Useless Traffic Status way befor blaming bad report !
  13. Hi, if you read this post : mayby it can help you to solve it ????
  14. Hi, if you look in these post mayby it will solve your problem ? :
  15. finaly a server where it calm and relax to play and fun to play without car so genuis
  16. Now EU1 will be the next EU2 with no car... humm let see how it goes... RIP Speed limit :'(
  17. Our admins try to deal with your reports as soon as possible. The queue is big at this moment so it can take up to a week or 14 days for admin to deal with it. As long as you provided sufficient evidence and the right TruckersMP ID, your report will be dealt with accordingly. It just takes a bit more time then usual. i got one from the 4 Aug i'm still waiting with patience. with the new system they have added recently mayby in the next few day you will have your answer..
  18. Happy birthday to you :)  and have a good day.

  19. Hi, i got here few solution if it can help you .. Can you please try the following: - Enter to the site with E-Mail, which you register on the site, not your game nickname, or Steam nickname; - Write your E-Mail and password in Notepad, and then copy them one by one paste in the login window, if you not sure that your login and password is correct writing by yourself; - If none of the above advice does not help the situation, try to reset your password and log in again; - Do not use a password or E-Mail any symbols, password must being only characters and numbers; - Do not use Steam-account, if the game is not bought on it, and on the other account. With the «Steam Family Sharing»to play in multiplayer you can't to connect also; - Your e-mail address from a Steam account must match the email address used when you registered on ETS2MP site. This is a very important point! - Run Steam, then press Profile> Edit Profile> My private setting and set a to all point is "Public"; If none of the above works, then try these: 1) Go on Documents-ETS2MP and delete client.edc 2) Write your password and mail into a text file 3) Open ETS2MP and copy the mail and the password from the text file created before on the ETS2MP login page with CTRL+V Thank you
  20. it really nice how it work good job ... but i got a question ??? is that possible to change the Timezone ??? ( let me explain ) actually it show : 9:05 am in-game time( wich timezone that is ? ) .... but it 00:00AM in UTC and in my home 20:00PM if that is possible, it could be awesome
  21. Kehox

    New Report scoring

    '''' Absolutely no reason! Provided you are doing that frequently, you might lose the possibility of creating web reports. ''''''' ...... O.O ..... O.O if only i got 1 report declined... ill not argue with you... but it not the case they all have been accepted.. because the Perpetrator have been found guilty.. so befor saying that im doing this frequently ... you could atleast show me/us, when i did it frequently and or abuse it ?????
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