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  1. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Renovated VTC Sections!

    Who should post ads? Creator of company or anyone?
  2. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Wspólnie powitajmy wakacje!

    Na stronie K&P miejsce startu to Dover, tutaj w poście jest Lyon Które miejsce?
  3. Trucker[PL/EN] Released

    SCS launched event so current game version is 1.31.2 TMP supports only 1.31.1 so we have to wait more
  4. Trucker[PL/EN] Released

    Why a car should have a function in game which simulates delivering goods with trucks? It's pointless, I'm disappointed of how TMP works now Let's start a new era of "Cars with Caravans MP"
  5. It's no use , links to images are no longer avaible . That's why we can't see those pictures
  6. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    How can you be so sure that there actually was ISP leakage? We are just a players and we shouldn't know what happens in Upper Staff
  7. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    So you're afraid that someaone may leak some information about staff. You see, I can not see these "clear rules" because they are internal. Are they still clear? It seems like staff is covering themselves with rules which aren't visible If you're afraid of "someone leaking information" then say so and don't hide with "riots of Polish community"
  8. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    and TruckersMP was created in 2014, your reply says as it's from 2017 so for about 3 years we lived without ISP and it worked. Why isn't it working now? Because of yours "privacy of policy"
  9. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    @konfig0 But there wasn't somethink like ISP before, why is it now? If you have internal rules why don't you make them public? Also I dont't think that staff would do anything with personal information, sorry but you're covering yourself with GPDR
  10. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    What's wrong with sharing info from internal Discord about a game? I suppose these are not personal information or anything like that.
  11. Thank you Pinguin for that I can't reply on users status upgrade, why can't I disscuss?

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    2. El1teZombiezHD


      Please bare in mind this is the opinion and point of view of myself and I am not apart of the TruckersMP Team at all.


      For me, I don't care about language, race, country or whatever, I judge and see a person as a person, not from their nationality, the language they speak or anything else.


      It is the staff members own problem and own choice if they leave or get kicked for breaking internal policies.


      I call the case volatile because someone somewhere is going to get angry, be destructive and dig themselves into a big hole.


      Personally, I think the whole incident is petty and people need to get over it.




      [Retired TruckersMP Staff Member]

    3. Prototype


      Status updates were disabled for every user and it wasn't forbidden or targeted just for Polish members. 

    4. Penguin


      It doesn't matter who made TruckersMP. This is an international community, and no language is more important than the other.


      You weren't silenced because you were Polish, you were silenced because you kept going on once we've told you to stop.

  12. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Your opinions on In-game Reports?

    Useless, people won't get benned unless you report them on site
  13. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Komenda FIX na serwerze EU1

    No problem, ogranicznik do 90 na EU1 i gitara
  14. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Komenda FIX na serwerze EU1

    Ciekawe, jeszcze sie nie spotkałem w rzeczywistości żeby ciężarówki jeździły po 170-180km/h Na EU1 sa ograniczenia do 110 niemniej jednak prędkości realne róznia się od tych choćby na EU1 a przynajmniej na autostradach co już realne nie jest i tyle z tego symulatora https://przepisy-drogowe.dlakierowcy.info/s/4083/77019-Ciezarowki-o-masie-ponad-35t-limity-predkosci-w-Europie.htm Polecam poczytać
  15. Trucker[PL/EN]

    Komenda FIX na serwerze EU1

    @[Orze?-Trans] Dragmaciek Nikt nie każe nikomu używać fixa na EU1, kwestia indywidualna a to że uzywają to ich wybór, niszczą sobie symulację ale robią to świadomie