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  1. thank u i didn't know but thank u very much sir
  2. ty for the follow kaden


  3. hulksterecd


    Hello All We at ShipleyGamers Stream Nightly and if u would like to be apart of our stream to show off ur truck please do so we have made some good friends here and don't get me wrong we have made so bad ones too but at the end of the day i say happy trucking but to let some of u know we do have some guys that wear my tags if u want to see if thier with us visit us @www.shipleygamers.com i want people to know about hulksterecd i have 2bans on my account because of my kids were playing on my account and they were going the wrong way so people its no excuss for my ban but i want u too know in the videos its not me but since thats over with we @shipley Gamers Do convoys every night if u want to join us in one just ask we our good ole folks lol check me out on twitch/.tv/bugmanshipley also on youtube donshipley sice this is off topic and it say anything in here how about my team the Kentucky Wildcats babby bbn Thank once Again for taking the time to read hope we can be friends on the road Also thank u to the staff and the steam @truckersmp
  4. wow i dont think somthing is right here

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. hulksterecd


      I meant to say thank u

    3. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      All Good mate :)  haha   i always make the same mistake  when it comes  to typing  lol   :lol:

      i am glad that you are  back on the  road :tmp:   



    4. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      Also Thank  you very much for that follow :wub: i saw it early today  but i was so busy  playing  farming simulator 2017 :D  



  5. hello are u there


    1. hulksterecd


      how does he ban me when i am not even on and perment ban for my steam name officershipley#1 gives me life ban and thats my real name what i am called in real live my profile states that

    2. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      Well, the reason why you have been banned is obvious. The TruckersMP rules state that you cannot have any name that implies you are part of the Law Enforcement. Officer tends to be associated with the police force so I recommend you change your name and file an appeal at https://truckersmp.com/appeals.

  6. You should thank @Sysgen for not banning you.
    You clearly do not drive on your own lane but you block the person taking you over.
    P.S: I am just a regular player not a staff member or something. I just got mad after seeing your forum topic complaining about a kick.

    1. hulksterecd


      it was in a no passing lane

      but thank u for ur in put but i didnt ask u 

    2. hulksterecd


      also i will be streaming to day at bugmanshipley on twitch

  7. this is a simulator for big rigs and real driving it what a simulator is with all the rules in game so i was saying make the snow more realistic in game but i know now that u all cant change game so no big deal just seeing what everyone else thought
  8. hulksterecd

    snow in game

    here is my next ideal i think thier should be snow and ice in the game since it is a simulator also the ice should be slick and make drivers slow down just like in real life also i think some of the hill's in game should require chains to get up the snowy hills what do u all thank
  9. nice the trucks look good from shipleygamers
  10. hi happy trucking 

    1. SgtBreadStick


      Hi same to you thanks for the follow m8 ;)

  11. sweet still making this a better way to play thank u all
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