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  1. [COMMUNITY MODERATION MANAGER + TRANSLATOR] @Inklink leaves the team to focus on priorities in real life. We thank him for over 2.5 years of dedication across various roles and teams.
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  2. [GAME MODERATOR TRAINEE] @[F-T M] FreZyFaiL has been promoted to Report Moderator. [GAME MODERATOR] @Dylаn has left the Game Moderation Team due to lack of motivation.
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  3. [PLAYER] @Azza [UK] joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
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  4. [PLAYER] @Captain Mix joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
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  5. Suggestion Name: Better GPS Icons Suggestion Description: Hello truckers! Most of us use navigation to check if someone is coming from the opposite way while overtaking and see them. But there is a small confusion about that situation. Player in the navigation is shown as round/circle so we cant be sure if he's going in our way or coming from the opposite way. With a small change, I think we can solve it. Current appearance: Appearance in the new version: Why should it be added?: Because of the way it looks in new version, we'll be able to see which way player is heading. Wherever truck's front looks, it means they're heading that way. (Point symbol shows the truck's front) Thanks for reading. Best Regards, KacaKTV
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  6. [TRANSLATOR] @vldv44_ leaves the team due to personal reasons.
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  8. [PLAYER] @- Pink Ribbon - joins the TruckersMP Team as a Game Moderation Trainee.
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  10. I prefer sunny weather too Also g_set_skybox 4 is best for me
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  11. I have a BMW M 4
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  12. I always use my turn signal, no matter what time it is
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  16. I've known TruckersMP without speed limits. So I don't need to "think", I know for certain that with more speed, the amount of "accidents" increases exponentially. Which is not great. And "if people are driving the same speed" is just not possible. Because not everyone wants to drive at 180, 150 or even 110 Km/h. When speeders find players who are driving slower than them, the chance of an incident starts growing. And that chance multiplies with the speed. At 110 Km/h, there's usually time to slow down and it's easy to control the vehicle, at 150 the time is a lot shorter and the control becomes harder, faster than that, crashing is almost a certainty.
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  17. [GAME MODERATOR +COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Koneko leaves the Game Moderation team due to lack of time. They will remain in the Community Moderation team as a Discord Moderator.
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  18. [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @EHHVTC DM I RJGAM3R rejoins the team as a Game Moderator.
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  19. I am certain this is more of a case of the typical disregard of basic traffic rules so prevalant in this game but maybe worth the Public Service Announcement even if it just affects a few people. If, in the act of being 'friendly' to another truck driver who is attempting to merge or turn into the flow of traffic, you end up blocking or stopping traffic that has the right of way, you are not being friendly, you are the problem. I've given up trying to count the number of times I have witnessed drivers just stop in the middle of the bloody road because they want to let in another driver who is waiting for their turn, blocking the 10 drivers behind them and causing a traffic jam. This is not helpful. It's not thinking (I doubt 90% of players in this game think to begin with) about what's going on around them. If a traffic control device, whether it be a stop sign, yield sign, or traffic light, indicates that you, the driver, have the right of way at an intersection, you keep moving through unless something changes. The driver who does not have the right of way waits for their turn. Now if, for example, you just full send your brakes on the C-D road at the petrol station because you want to be friendly to a driver waiting their turn to rejoin traffic, congradulations! You just unecessarily caused a 10-20 truck traffic jam or crash because you are ignoring traffic laws and end up becoming a general nuisance instead of helpful or friendly. If there's no traffic behind you or the traffic ahead of you is completely stopped, then by all means, go ahead and let the other driver in, but if the traffic around you is already flowing, don't be the blood clot and just stop in the middle of the road. Part of a trucker's life is sometimes waiting for many minutes to rejoin a road. I know that very well from driving a tractor trailer for a job, waiting impatiently to make a left-hand turn because traffic is timing themselves just right that I can't move and I know I have to have at least 16 seconds to make a turn and clear the intersection with both truck and trailer. However, I'm the professional. I have to keep my cool and wait for that opportunity because it's either that or some SUV flying down the road looking at their phone turning into a convertible from slamming into my trailer, and guess who's going to be the one at fault there?
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  20. Greetings Truckers, Several years ago, we received feedback about the state of the city of Duisburg. Some veteran players may remember the permanent traffic congestion, which mainly formed around the entrance and exit of the service station. Upon review, we found that the default city, as designed by SCS Software, was simply not suitable for a multiplayer environment due to the high amount of traffic that constantly flows through the city. Back in early 2021, we attempted to solve this problem by making a few small map edits: we moved the entrance and exit of the service station to a road that nobody used at the time, created a bigger fuel station just outside of the city, and added traffic lights to regulate the frequently used road intersection at the eastern side of the city – which leads up to the road between Duisburg and Calais. While these map edits did have some positive effects, it did not resolve the traffic flow issues inside the city. In fact, it had moved the issues to a different hotspot rather than actually fixing them. In order to temporarily eliminate the issues, we considered it best to introduce a no-collision zone for the entire city to both improve the user experience and remove the strain it had on our Game Moderation team. Regardless of how much effort our Game Moderators would put into moderating that area, the user activity was simply too high for the design of the area. We very much realize that introducing a no-collision zone is and was far from an acceptable solution and we have read all your feedback throughout the years, such as on the forum as well as in the most recent community survey. At the time that the no-collision zone was introduced, it was clear that the no-collision zone would not be a permanent solution and that we had to look for something else to address the issue. Shortly after it was decided that our Add-On team would redesign the entirety of Duisburg city to make it suitable for multiplayer use. The process of the redesign was initially supposed to take a few months at most, but it is now clear that this was far too optimistic. Apart from the fact that our Add-On team is relatively small and that our talented members may leave at any time for various reasons, our Add-On team is also very much involved in higher priority projects, such as official events with unique map modifications. Moreover, this project was not simply about changing a part of the city, instead, it was about completely rebuilding the city and its surrounding road network from scratch, with various practical and technical challenges to overcome. All in all, the planning, execution, and testing all took much longer than expected and we sincerely apologize for how long this all eventually took and the lack of action and communication throughout the process. This has certainly been a learning experience for us, both for how we internally deal with complex projects as well as how we should communicate such changes with you. On the bright side, we can finally announce that we have created the new city of Duisburg and its surrounding areas. As promised, the no-collision zone will be removed. In order to ensure a better traffic flow, all traffic entering the city will come in from the northeast and exit to the south. Speaking of the south, we have created a convenient fuel, service, and parking area for you to enjoy. In addition to a whole new city, we have also created a whole new road network with many new highway interchanges and overpasses. We hope the new city will relieve traffic stress on the area and provide a much needed facelift to the area to bring it up to modern standards. We would love to hear your feedback – both positive and negative – and we can’t wait to see you out on the road! -The Add-On Team --> View post on homepage
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  21. Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I appreciate you all and wish you all the best :))
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  25. Happy sunday to all of you truckers out there! ? It's the day of the week I refer to as lazy creative cake day. Lazy, because my day isn't structured like days during the week. Sleeping in, doing things at my pace. While writing these lines, I'm enjoying a cup of tea. ? Creative, because I like to spent time to learning something completely new or improve some skill. Today I'll jump into the adventure of aquarelle (water color painting)! ?️ Cake, because I enjoy a self-made cake in the afternoon while reading a good book or watch a movie. ? What about you?
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  26. How about the view form the other side, there is a speed limit of 50km/h (~30Mph) near both gas stations you are giving as an example. Do you, or anybody slow down here? Not doing so is not friendly. I am sure it must be a pure joy trying to pull out here, especially when crossing the lane, while everybody passes by at 110km/h giving you about those 16 seconds before they reach you from the moment they spawn about 500m away. Another little quirk, these gas stations are one way (indicated by signs), if you need to get in when the gas station is on your left side, you have to practically make a u-turn, which usually involves stopping for oncoming traffic with your left turn signal on, and there are always people inside going wrong way blocking entry for those making left turn towards gas station, forcing them to let these fools out, or there's just too many people inside, which promts multiple vigilantes to scream "REC" "BAN" "BLOCKING" in the chat. Complaing about anything that happens on this road and TruckersMP servers in general, or trying to educate the crowds that populate the hot spots, is totally pointless. Hardly anybody of them are forum regulars, or have any idea about road traffic rules, not to mention driving a real truck.
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  27. Do you understand the concept of irony? You did say that, true, yet you keep tagging me (which anyone could easily consider as "incitement") and seem to be more than interested in having this discussion. Otherwise you would have stopped, like I suggested... But no worries, I'll do that for the both of us, starting now. Have a nice rest of the weekend!
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  28. Equatorial Logistics holds friendship intermodal activities. @XING FU @Tiger king-TMP @[C-S] karol_domag
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