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How to get medal?



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Hello @ROLF [IN],

Thank you for using the forum in order to ask any problems that may arise when using TruckersMP. 

As JJay has mentioned above, you are able to find any useful information regarding on how to become a patreon in that given article. After you have read that, and have already donated there is a high possibility that you would like to have a look at https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/598 if you would like to claim the perks of when you donate. 

I hope you have received a good answer to your question, and I hope you follow the above very carefully if you would like to have the badge in game. I look forward in your reply, as through your reply, we are able to put this topic in the correct section of the forum in order to keep it in an organised manner. 

Best Regards,

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