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  1. Hello all,

    I don't know how to downgrade my game from 1.40 to TMP supporting version. Please help me if possible

    1. _sneaht_0810


      Hey @ROLF [IN],

      Here you can find all the information that you need: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26
      In order to play TruckersMP, you will need the "NONE" version in steam. 🙂 

      If you need support in the future with problems related to TruckersMP, I would recommend you to post your questions in the help section of the forum or in our official discord server. This is a more efficient way to get help. 🙂


      Kindest regards,

      Stay safe!
      _sneaht_0810 - TruckersMP Forum Moderator

  2. Hello all,te How do I downgrade from open beta 1.38 to (TMP support beta). I cannot find "Temporary_1_37- 1.37.x for incompatible mods". Kindly help me how to downgrade to play MP game. I found "oculus - Oculus/Vive - 1.37 - (SDK 1.4.0)" Thanks a lot.
  3. Hello all,
    When 1.38 will update for MP game? Dose anyone knows?


    1. Titanic4


      1.38 is in open beta at the moment. TruckersMP won't support public beta version, since there's a chance that the code will change very frequently, which would make things worse.

  4. Good afternoon frds,

    Have a nice and joyful weekend 🤗

  5. Good night frds 🤗

  6. Hello all,

    very badly waiting for 1.37 in MP.

  7. ROLF [IN]


    Hi, Thanks for your reply. But I get some error. I have registered in Patreon separably while clicking <<<Become a patron>>>. How to I fix error?
  8. ROLF [IN]


    Hi, How do I confirm that my TMP has connected with Patron account? Thank you
  9. Thank you so much for our prompt reply. I will follow the above.
  10. I've seen some players have a medal next to their name. How can I get it?
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