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problem with G920 steering

andy Suter

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I bought a G920 and its taking some getting used to. 


I have 3 'problems' which you guys may be able to offer advice on.


1) the steering. It turns fine and then all of a sudden the truck wheels turn a lot more than they should. Its like a 2 stage thing. ie normal, then gets to certain point and they go crazy

2) The brake pedal - its so god damn hard! It brakes ok if you need gentle but im getting caught out and needing to brake much harder than i think, which then requires a huge hard press

3) I like to look left and right at junctions. On my game pad i used the right thumb stick. I cant do that now so am using the free look mouse but its a bit awkward. What does everyone else do?


Any help/tips appreciated. Im sure it some settings i have wrong

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For the brake issues, there is 2 options.


1. You can lower the brake sensitivity in options> gameplay > Braking Intensity.
2. If number 1. option isn't good enough (fully turned down but the brakes are still hard) and if you have the console enabled, you can type g_brake_intensity this command will tell you the current value. Knowing this value you can lower it or raise it as needed, using the same command plus the new value, like this: if it was 5 for example type g_brake_intensity 4.5 so the new value is 4.5. If I remember correctly in MP the value can be set between 0.1 and 14. 

As for the steering issue, since you had a controller before, you might need to turn down the steering sensitivity in options > controls.

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G27 here, but since they behave the same (at least the G29 and G27 are almost equal when it comes to setting/using them), I'd suggest that you set the steering sensitivity to max (all to the right) and make sure that in Logitech Gaming Software, your wheel is set to 900º rotation. With that, the truck's wheel moves exactly the same as your "physical" wheel. The brake pedal is harder than the others, some people have removed the rubber it has to make it be that hard, personally, I prefer it as it comes, it feels more real when it has that extra resistance.


About looking left/right, I simply configured 2 of the wheel buttons to "Interior look left" and "Interior look right". It's not the same, but it works for me.

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All sorted now thanks.


Was a mix of needing to increase brake intensity, configuring some buttons to look left and right ( not perfect but best i can do) and just getting used to it as its so much more realistic now. I actually feel like im driving something! 


Steering is still a bit weird. 80% of the turn is fine, its just the final bit of steering lock seems to switch to 200% of actual wheel turn. Only happens at slow speed though. On the road its fine. 



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Try playing around with the non-linearity slider. The travel distance of the ingame steering wheel is greater than the 900 degrees offered by the G920/G29.

Also, when I start the game the first time after booting my PC, I have to turn my G29 all the way to the left and right to calibrate it. If I don't do this, the steering feels awkward and my G29 can be off center when driving in a straight line.

This happens in other games as well and I can only fix it with the game running. It might be because I'm still using Windows 7, but give it a try.


My settings:




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Thanls. Thats exactly the problem. The game has more turn on the wheel than my g920. The game seems to realise this and the last bit of turn (probably at 4/5ths) of lock, it panics and spins the in game much faster. 

Only happens near full lock but does make parking up quite hard. 

Ill try the linearity thing.... first world problems eh!!!

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