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Adding your own music to the radio in game


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First of all, let me say welcome and thanks for taking the time to view this guide.


Adding your own music to your radio is a quick and easy process, however, some folks don't know how, especially if you're just starting out. So I'll explain it to you step by step.


Obvious things you will need:


  • Mp3 music on your machine
  • Euro truck simulator 2 game / American Truck Simulator game


Now, once you have the music you like and would wish to listen to while in game, you will need to navigate to:  C:Documents folder:



Whats next?


Now you need to click on you game folder and then click on the Music folder:




And now?


Now all you do is simply drag your music into this folder.


Once this is done, start up your game and select the radio option:




Ok, I've done that, whats next?


Now from this page you will see music and radio.


Select music and you will see all the songs you added to the music folder on your C drive.





Is that all?


And there you have it, you're own personal playlist that you can play to your hearts content.

You can add or remove or replace any of your music anytime you like by following all the instructions above.


Happy Trucking!



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Some songs may not play, unfortunately there is something in .mp3 format that causes some songs not to be read correctly, but don't worry, just convert your unread songs to .ogg format.


You can do that using conversion programs, I use aTube Catcher, you can download it for free by searching Google.


Ps .: aTube Catcher is a program with many features and is not the only one that allows you to convert videos and music, the installation calls for attention to avoid installing unwanted additional programs.

You can convert any format to .ogg that the game will recognize.

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Very useful and complete information for people who do not know how to put the songs in the game, pity that some versions of .mp3 is not recognized.

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Thank you for the information, it is a great guide.🤗




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