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Useful Dev Commands to Further increase the realism of ETS2 and TMP


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SCS as a developer are rather intelligent when it comes to their game design. Not only have they made the game more like an arcade, but at the same time, have allowed the serious players to easily turn everything back to realistic and even more.


There are multiple Developer Commands that allow the user to change not only the physics of the truck, but also the trailer, its transmission and other useful things that are usually disabled.

Below are a few commands I personally use to further increase the realism when I drive.


g_hshifter_synchronized 0

This command is one of my favorites. For many of you drivers out there, you'll know that a Synchronized transmission is basically a regular car manual. However, a Non Synchromesh Gearbox, Also known as a crash-box, means that the transmission is unable to just sync the gear cogs to the same rpm by itself. this is where Rev Matching, Double clutching and floating gears comes into play. For those that have been floating gears and thought they had it down pat without this command, think again. This will change everything and will come in very handy (especially for us Australians and Americans etc) in practicing for the real life practical.

For those interested in learning this Difficult TransmissionL i have a video that also helped me when i first started: 

Note: In your Settings, Toggle 1 is your Ranger, and Toggle 2 is your Splitter. 


g_simple_parking_doubles 0 

This would be my second Favorite. this allows the user to choose the option "park it where you want it" with B-Doubles (usually grayed out). For me, reversing B-Doubles is not only an amazing skill, but its challenges make it extremely fun, especially when it comes to a heavily confined area. 
for those interested in learning how to reverse one correctly, and effectively, id recommend this video as its what i used to learn mine and eventually get my MC (Real licence): 


g_truck_stability 0 

This command changes the stability of the truck to a more realistic setting. (no more going 100 KM/h around sharp bends without rolling, good like making it around them at 60).


g_trailer_stability 0 Same as above, lowers the stability to a more appropriate setting.


Hopefully this intrigues some people out here and helps!

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I've seen the Australian guy explaining the parking of B-Doubles before. Great video. 


As for the realistic settings I go to the maximum. 

Reality settings in ETS2 should be all set to the left:

- Braking intensity

- Truck stability

- Trailer stability

- Suspension stiffness

- Cabin suspension stiffness


No more going round sharp bends at 80 km/h now. Sometimes it's a crawl at 50 km/h depending on what you've got loaded.


Happy trucking guys and stay safe.

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Only thing I use is truck stability, trailer stability, suspension stiffness. I only put the truck/trailer stability to about quarter or 1/3 and suspension stiffness to full. I don't use the hshifter thing because I only use keyboard and mouse steering and as for the double reversing I can only do for a bit if my trailers are straight already so I wouldn't try reversing into a delivery spot. Thanks for the guide though it's useful for the more advanced drivers who have a steering wheel and shifter.

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the guide is very nice thanks




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