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  1. little late but always useful to answer so others can see ? You'll need to enable the Developer console in your documents folder. Its a little descriptive and to much for a response but ill link a tutorial below https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=61852 Also the non synchromesh is something primarily used in America and Australia (that i know of) and is both for crash boxes and constant mesh gearbox's. It is not common on European trucks however if youre after a new challenge or looking towards actually getting your non-synchromesh licence, this is a great way to learn the sound and pattern of how to shift. Also if you find driving a singular trailer to be easy, then id highly recommend the console to enable reverse parking of b-doubles. Although it is challenging, the absolute pleasure of accomplishment when you nail it more then makes up for it! Happy trucking all!
  2. Outline Basically, an extra tier is added to patreon for VTC Owners specifically. the idea being that by donating (for example) $20 a month or free, they can get a fleet of skins added to the game (up to 2 truck brands and 2 trailer types or something). From here, they gain a new role in the game as something like "VTC Operator" or something which then gives them access to a menu in game that would allow them to add members to a list (basically just to give them access to the skins). In game it would be like the patreon vehicles, so if you're not in said VTC, you cant use the skins, but you can see them in the list. Obviously, there would need to be set requirements to apply. something like 50 members etc. This would allow other players to see verified VTC's roaming around in their colours, however limiting these skins to the VTC members only. VTC Verified Everyone wants to start a VTC and everyone wants their own skin, however i can imagine that if everyone got to add a skin, it would cause a lot of memory to be used and cause a lot of extra loading. Due to this i believe the idea would be something like 50-100 Members minimum to be able to apply to be verified. From here they will be on probation, watched to ensure that all or most members are active and that its not a boosted VTC. From this, the owner will then receive a notification of whether they got accepted or not. If accepted, this user will be given a new link to apply for VTC (whether this is a paid Patreon thing or not is up to truckersMP) in which they will supply the required skins and then be provided the new role in discord and then in game. VTC Menu The idea of the in game menu is more to start a location to build upon. To start with it would be simple and basic enough that they just select people online that are in their VTC to grant them access to the in game skins of their VTC (Same way patreon vehicle works, but obviously would have to be redone to allow for multiple conditions). from here it would have no real purpose for continued use but would at least start the beginning of a in game VTC Menu VTC Skin These skins would be user locked defined by who can use it in the VTC Menu, this could be used as another way to earn truckersMP more funding by having different levels of packages for the owner to pay for to allow skins eg. package 1: - 1 truck skin - 1 trailer skin Package 2: - 1 truck skin - 3 trailer skins Package 3: - 2 truck skins - 2 trailer skins etc etc... Obviously this doesn't need to be a paid option however the idea of having this and making it a patreon item or use Invision Community's built in store with subscription services is up to truckersMP. Personally i think it keeps VTC's honest in those that want to be serious and put their money into to making it look professional or those casual VTC's with a little spare cash. What do you guys reckon?
  3. Happy birthday! Wish you all the best!

  4. might help to try installing the game and TMP on an SSD. and not a HDD like @bobi124 stated. otherwise, the best option is to only load into the game in non populated areas. and avoid heavy player locations like the CD road. Might also help to use softwares like https://www.wtfast.com/en/ which for some people, can help
  5. as far as i can tell, SweetFX just adds changes contrast, brightness, and saturation to improve the look of the game. My best bet is that if you tried to install it, it wouldn't work as these files would either get picked up, or ignored.
  6. Best bet is to message the mod creator personally and request it. many creators are open to custom Skins if credit is given. this way you ensure you have the correct UV Map
  7. have you ensured you have the exact same version of .NET framework?
  8. you have 4.7.1 not 4.6.2 i myself have many different versions and its just one of those things that in most cases isnt backwards compatible therefor you have download the correct version
  9. Any addon that allows me to beef up my scenery to a gorgeous level gets a yes by me
  10. Suggestion Name: VTC Progression and Rewards Suggestion Description: a System that gives VTC's Something to aim for and in return, benefit them Any example images:N/A Why should it be added?: VTC's have always existed in TMP. Most Progression and rewards come from third party softwares and the main reward from TMP is the recognition (think VIVA and how everyone knows them) What im suggesting is that when VTC's reach certain criteria's, they are able to get rewards. For example, When a VTC Reaches a certain Size, they can Supply TMP 1 Vehicle Texture of their company and 1 Trailer Texture which would be used on the MP servers. this would allow VTC's to stand out and show their prestige while giving new, up and coming VTC's something to aim for. The Progression side of things could be almost anything so for example 1st level - Special Tag (like the patreon) 2nd level - Truck Skin 3rd level - Trailer Skin 4th level - Changed Name Colour The Above is just a concept. dont think of it as concrete but it gives an idea on how im thinking about it. Personally i would Love to see a progression system and i would LOVE to see custom quality vehicle textures in the game aswell. Give us your thoughts!
  11. maybe they could add a multi stage style load in process? something along the lines where you gain information in a more efficient manner for example -loads map -loads vehicles and their attachments (this is all attachments) and it goes in order from 1 brand to the next -loads in players while you're not open (thus itll only require the information on what they're using as you've loaded up most models ready for use -loads player in -unloads whats needed -screen changes to game I'm no developer by any means but i do notice when i load in its very random how things appear, sometimes people further away appear first (scania for exampl) then Daf then the guy closest to me in the same style as the furthest guy appears. might help
  12. Personally i think this would be a welcome addition, the only requirements would be the addition of more NCZ at gas stations. In regards to the falling asleep, i dont see why it wouldnt be punishable? you have the ability to disable it, and im "assuming" its possible to have you spawn in for the first time with it automatically disabled. im down for more realism.
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