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  1. Finally it's winter. Thanks for the winter mod update and information
  2. Congratulations 🎉

  3. This christmas trailer is so cool, I'm going to use it. Thank you for helping me discover trailer. Happy christmas in advance!
  4. Hello, I'm having the same issue, This problem is due to some bugs with DX11. I recommend OpenGL mode as a temporary solution to this problem. To do so, head to your Steam library, click Play on ETS2 and a small grey window will open. Choose "Launch with OpenGL" and start the Game all the way, a few minutes drive and quit. If you are not satisfied with OpenGL, change the options as DX11.
  5. Developers always release Snow Mod before the end of the year, so I hope that they'll do same this year
  6. #Creathy

    Paint jobs

    Maybe you should try another chassis system. All paint works are not avaliable for all chassis types. Example: Man Lions Power paintjobs is compatible only with 8x4 chassis, not 4x2 chassis.
  7. Best of luck to you in your new role! 🥳

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