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Pholkeno BV Logistic

Germany restricted area for doubles in ets mp?


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Hi @Pholkeno BV Logistic. I am moving your topic to the Help section, since at the end, it's an answer to a question what you're looking for. Remember that no matter what game or service of TruckersMP your question is related to: if it's a question, it belongs in the Help forum. It would be great if you take that into account from now on :)


//Moved to Help.

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Hello @Pholkeno BV Logistic


TMP promised in the announcement soon the double restricted zone will be removed in future.

Look TMP Official Announcement (20 June 2019):

"We have noticed that there have been some issues with the double trailer restriction zone since TMP was updated to support 1.35. We want to confirm that we do have plans to remove the restriction zone as soon as possible however we do not have an ETA of when this will happen"

Until then, we must be patient and follow the rules:

"§5.2 - Server Auto Kicks

Double Trailers (ETS2) - Doubles are not allowed in Belgium, The Netherlands and the west side of Germany. For a map visualization click here."

//https://truckersmp.com/rules [§5.2]



MarkON (player-Veteran Driver)

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As stated in this thread



People can use certain double trailers that bypass the kick feature such as the B double container trailer.  The link to the doubles exclusion zone is.....lets call it advice for now.


I believe SgtBreadStick posted (on Friday 21st June) a list of trailers that work (you'll not be kicked) and a list of trailers (that will end up getting you kicked)


To quote SgtBreadStick here is that list:


"If u wanna know what trailers you can use at the moment and what you can't...
Here's a list of what works and doesn't work.


What doesn't work

Standard Doubles

Standard B-triples

Standard Triples

Standard HCTs


What does work

Most B-doubles

Logger HCTs

Some Save Edit Triples


This list is incomplete but it gives you a rough picture of what works at the current time. This list could also be incorrect in some situations

I know TMP are still working hard to fix this."


Full credit for said list goes to SgtBreadStick.


I hope this information is better for you.

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Hello there,

I am going to move your topic to Inactive Section because it has been inactive for 3 days from the last helpful reply!
If you still require our help, do not hesitate to drop me a DM and we'll open this topic again.

Thanks for understanding! Have an awesome day!

//Locked & Moved to Inactive

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