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  1. Can there come more different country pennants to show where i'v been so far?
  2. when i'm in dusseldorf with double trailer (ets2) i'm kicked from the server!!!???
  3. Why does it take sooooooo long to ude the dutch skins in MP?????? Im waiting days after days pfffff How complicated can it be...... greets
  4. Dutch paintjobs not accepted in multiplayer i was kicked out of the game??????? please tell me why other paintjobs werk fine....... greet Pholkeno
  5. Dearest reader I was suprised by noticing almost every body drives around with xms present trailers, but..... THEY'RE NOT VISIBLE! I only see WHITE TRAILERS!!!??? Isn't it much more XMAS FEELING when you see everybody driving around to deliver the presents? I think it is and I really don't understand the white trailers instead of real presents... Someone disagree? Merry Xmas WFR Pholkeno
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