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I'm very new here in this Forum and in the game as well.

So sorry if this question is already answered.


I have a G29 Wheel and the H.Shifter for it, and of course the pedals.

I bought american truck simulator.


Can you give me an advise of du konfigure the Buttons?


I bought the game over steam.

Steam recognizes the Wheel, but the up and down buttons and the twist-regulator and the button there inside i can't referre there on steam (only information for you)

Some times these Buttons don't work in the game, so i don`t use them unfortunately.

I don't know how to solve this.


i also have the logitech gaming software.

There i made refferences for these Buttons...gave them  +,-, up, down and h (because i use this button for the horn.


So...please...help : )



Greetings to all


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If you don't have own idea about your settings, you can get inspiration from others.

Anyway, some buttons may not be compatible with ETS2 & ATS. I am not user of Logitech steering wheel, so for example on "Thrustmaster 150" is button "MODE" not supposed to be used by game.


Best Regards,


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I personally also use a G29, and I use all of the buttons on it without problems. The red knob has its problems (such as double input) and the solution I found is to put it as the retarder (downwards = more retarder, upwards = less to none retarder). This works perfectly also because it simulates you using the right stalk.

All the G29 buttons should be mentionable in-game and you should be able to input them correctly in the game's options. Also, I don't believe you are able to assign G29 buttons to normal keyboard inputs. I've tried this and it stops working after a second. You should assign all G29 inputs within the in-game options only. I hope this helps!

Kind regards.


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Hello there,


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Hm, i saw the first video and compared the buttons (button 1, Button 2 and so on and the position on the Wheelcontroller.

On Steam i have to adjust the wheel too i think, and there is a button 0. That is missing in the Logitech Gamesoftware.

So right in the beginning i have a problem.

Please tell me exactly how to go on , where to begin..


Please excuse me! 

So a further question.

When all buttons are assigned ingame, do i have to turn off somehow the steam settings?


Some Buttons i changed with the logitech software. The buttons, that i couldn't adjust in steam. But the worked only a short time and disapeaered than.. I think steam goes in that settings.


And ok...i can set

 the buttons ingame. The buttons in the picture i can't set.

You say i don't need steam, but the buttons i setted there are recognized in the game... i mean the positions.

iIn steam i pressed the buttons how it is shown...d-pad or X,O, and so on...and its different to the buttonnumbers in the video...

i m confused: )


...So now i saw the last video...there i can see which button he presses. So i ll try that now



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