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  1. Oh... Yes, the answers helped. Do i have to close the thread? How do i do this? Yes...and thank you all!
  2. Hm, i saw the first video and compared the buttons (button 1, Button 2 and so on and the position on the Wheelcontroller. On Steam i have to adjust the wheel too i think, and there is a button 0. That is missing in the Logitech Gamesoftware. So right in the beginning i have a problem. Please tell me exactly how to go on , where to begin.. Please excuse me! So a further question. When all buttons are assigned ingame, do i have to turn off somehow the steam settings? Some Buttons i changed with the logitech software. The buttons, that i couldn't
  3. Hello ! Thank you for your answeres!!! I will read them now and give feedback.
  4. Hello! I'm very new here in this Forum and in the game as well. So sorry if this question is already answered. I have a G29 Wheel and the H.Shifter for it, and of course the pedals. I bought american truck simulator. Can you give me an advise of du konfigure the Buttons? I bought the game over steam. Steam recognizes the Wheel, but the up and down buttons and the twist-regulator and the button there inside i can't referre there on steam (only information for you) Some times these Buttons don't work in the game, so i don`t use them un
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