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Found 3 results

  1. So, after almost a year i tried to setup my G29 for ETS. I installed Windows new like a week ago andinstalled drivers with LGS (9.02) I started the game and played around with the Settings and the first thing I always do is to disable Force Feeback. Because i don't want and need it. The settings in LGS are default with the ETS2 Profile. Ingame i put every slider to the left and also unticked the box with FFB. I had to do it every time when played the game. The moment I tab out of the game it resets and FFB was back on. That was no problem for me, i have the 5 seconds. It worked fine, i could disable FFB, no Problem. But the steering wasn't like anything i remembered. So what if set the sensitivy higher in LGS. Well FFB turned back back on. But now i can play around with the ingame settings, i can play around with the LGS settings but the FFB won't dissapear I reinstalled LGS, i tried wth G HUB, i reinstalled the game but nothing works. It doesn't matter what setting I use, my G29 doesn't care whatsoever. it's always the same strength as if no software recognizes the wheels FFB. I tried Assetto Corsa. A game played two Weeks ago without any problems. Same thing. My G29 hangs on a powered USB3 Hub on my PC. Maybe that's the Problem? An Error with the Windows Installation? Is there something with the registry I can do? Really the only thing that is different from two weeks ago is reinstalled Windows.
  2. Hello! I'm very new here in this Forum and in the game as well. So sorry if this question is already answered. I have a G29 Wheel and the H.Shifter for it, and of course the pedals. I bought american truck simulator. Can you give me an advise of du konfigure the Buttons? I bought the game over steam. Steam recognizes the Wheel, but the up and down buttons and the twist-regulator and the button there inside i can't referre there on steam (only information for you) Some times these Buttons don't work in the game, so i don`t use them unfortunately. I don't know how to solve this. i also have the logitech gaming software. There i made refferences for these Buttons...gave them +,-, up, down and h (because i use this button for the horn. So...please...help : ) Greetings to all
  3. Hej wszystkim! Zakupiłem ostatnio kierownice Logitech G29, zadowolony iż będę mógł w końcu jeździć pełna para... No okazało się ze tak średnio, mianowicie gdy skręcam np. przy prędkości 30-... km/h w prawo lub w lewo, nagle jak by opada mi "głowa" (czyt. kamera leci w dół gdy mam coraz mocniejsze wibracje na kierownicy ) Uprzedajac wasze pytanie, tak mam sterowniki . Ktoś może miał podobny problem? Za każdą podpowiedz (sensowna) będę bardzo wdzięczny !
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