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i have a Version problem/ my friend not me

Misiek 0_o


And before anyone says change to change to no version or betas or somthing been there done that doesnt work reinstalling the launcher doesnt work ive tried to help him as an old support member but had no clue so im am now just waiting for you guys to tell me because ive tried all i can think of before anything thanks and kind regards for your answers :) 


what is the formula for alum

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Dear @Misio [PL/ENG]


First,Choosing the right version of game:


None-Opt out of all beta programs


Then follow the steps below:

Step 1;

1. Open Steam, go to LIBRARY -> GAMES
2. Right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2 and open Properties
3. After the Properties window has opened click LOCAL FILES tab and press BROWSE LOCAL FILSES
4. A folder with game files opens. Remember the path to this folder


Step 2;

1. Click Start -> Run (or WIN+R)
2. Type regedit and hit enter
3. Follow the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TruckersMP
4. Look at the value parameter "InstallLocationETS2"


Step 3;

1. Copy the folder address from STEP 1
2. Change the value parameter "InstallLocationETS2" (Insert the copied folder address)
3. Click OK.


For more information;



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Dear @Misio [PL/ENG]


First,as  your screenshot showed,he's not choosing the correct  game version which TruckersMP support .


Please tell your friends to create a support ticket here:https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create and we  will help him

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Solution 1:

Goto C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP
Delete both core_ets2mp.dll  files
Start Truckersmp launcher as administrator and click on install the files.

Solution 2:

Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard
Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes)
Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder.
Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher"
Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/
Open The Launcher with admin privileges and click "Install Available Updates

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I see the problem, you have to make the ETS2 update for the 1.34. It's out already and you have to have it, to play MP now. It's written in the warning-message. You have the and you have to get the So just update the game.


I hope I could help. For further questions, feel free to quote me in this topic or send me a PM, my inbox is always open.


Good luck.


Best regards
Flying Cat

ETS2 since end of 2013

ETS2 on steam since 2/17/2016

ETS2MP since 2/23/2016

TMP-Forum since 9/21/2018

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Hello there,

In order to play TruckersMP you must install the latest version of TruckersMP mod and be sure you have selected:

Library >  Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Right Click > Properties > BETAS > None

If you had a different version before, please let the game update on Steam before trying to start the game using the TruckersMP shortcut.


Please let us know when your problem is resolved!

Kind Regards,


TruckersMP Support


Former TruckersMP Game Moderator

Support of the Year 2018


Official Rules Official Turkish Rules | Support Ticket | Steam How to become a Game Moderator?




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Hello there,


Good to hear your problem has been solved.

If you have any issues in the future, feel free to create another post here in the help section.

Alternatively, you can also message me or another member of the support team.


Thank you to everyone for participating in this post.


Have a nice day.


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