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  1. Congrats on your promotion! good luck

  2. Congrats on your promotion! good luck

  3. Congrats on your promotion! good luck

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  6. FR83HDgPpCZFwYCiCkELNM.thumb.jpg.d8dd8bc5671bcb69423aa1ef2d65e377.jpggood night truckersmp

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  7. Happy New Year TruckersmpFB_IMG_1548805086778.thumb.jpg.e70a0cb1488b0fbbf4981c295dc6ac59.jpg

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  9. Hello. Welcome to TMP forum Follow these guides: You should start TruckersMP as admin. This is really important. Also try to start TruckersMP with DirectX (64) Guide: > Go to your steam App > Go to library > Go to ETS 2 / ATS > Click "Play" http://prntscr.com/i96kvu > Choose "Launch with DirectX (64-bit) http://prntscr.com/i96l3x Make sure you chose 64 bit. > Start ETS 2 > Choose your profile and press "drive" > Close ETS 2 > Start TruckersMP as admin. TruckersMP will start with DirectX for all time. Except you change it agai
  10. Hello Try to connect to the server using mobile data on your phone. Probably, there is a problem with your internet connection or your modem. Turn off your modem and try turning it back on after 5 minutes. Please try the following steps - Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes) Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin
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