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Ping too high?



Hi everyone, I've not played for a few weeks but today decided to start with the Christmas event in ATS.


After I'd been playing in MP for a few minutes I got "kicked" for having a high ping?  I don't even know what a "ping" is?


I came out of the game and went back in again and the same thing happened.


It's saying my "ping" is 604, average 609 and the max is 600.


I'm using the same computer, same internet connection etc.  Nothing has changed, only updates to the game which I had to do before playing today.




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Hello di9girl and welcome back to the game.

I have to say there is no change in the game and we have no increase in the ping.

but I can tell you some information maybe it could help you with this problem.

* Firstly, check your connection if there is any device connected into it and they are downloading something. download could increase your network ping.

* Secondly, check your windows update setting(if you are playing in windows), maybe your windows is updating automatically and it could increase your ping too.

I hope these two tips help you.

sorry if my English isn't good enough.

enjoy trucking.

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Check that there's nothing (or no one) else using your internet connection. From England to the EU#2 servers, ping should be lower than 30 ms. so if you are having more than 600 ms. there's clearly something wrong. Try to play when there are no other programs running (downloads, streaming, anything that can be consuming your internet bandwidth), check that there are no other users (family, mainly) using the connection (imagine that when you are going to play, a brother or sister is downloading something, or watching videos on streaming, they can be causing the link to be out of free bandwidth for the game). If you can, connect your PC to the router using cable instead of WIFI. If none of these work, you'll need to contact your service provider to see if there are any problems on your line (in which case, it's them who will have to provide a solution).

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The ping is the latency delay in milliseconds (ms) (1000ms = 1 second) that it takes for information from your client to be sent to the server. Most of the times, when experiencing these sorts of issues, a simple router restart should do, but it's possible it might not immediately fix the problem.

Considering that your hardware did not change and that updates should not affect your latency in any way, this just might be some sort of network "hiccup" and normally isn't serious. Hopefully this helps!

Kind regards.


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@di9girl You gave yourself the answer. Usually, internet links have bigger download than upload bandwidth (the famous X Mbps). Uploading a big amount of data can cause the link to saturate in upload, but that will affect also the ping, even if you have a lot of download free, because ping has to travel both ways, the server sends a ping packet towards your computer, this would go through the "download" side of the link and it would be perfectly fine, but then your computer sends the ping response towards the server and that travels through the "upload" side of the link, which is saturated. Imagine it this way: Server --> Your PC = 20 ms. But Your PC --> Server = 600 ms. The ping time adds both = 620 ms. which is higher than the maximum 600 ms. allowed.


And of course, once the data upload is finished, both ways are clear and with lots of available "space", so ping goes back to usual values and you have no more problems. Keep always in mind that when playing online games it is important to avoid all kinds of "heavy data traffic" from (download) or towards (upload) the internet. Thanks for letting us know that the problem was solved!

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Hello, based on your last comment, I'll be closing the topic and moving it to the appropriate area.

Thanks to everyone! ^_^


// Closed and moved to solved

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